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Ian Prince Excellent! Well worth getting soaked for ;)

Lauren Huston Thank you. :)

Magda Ko Awesome.

Lauren Huston Thanks. :)

Marcin Wojtasik Perfect! :)

vera That's great! Nice to hear about the description too! Merry Christmas !😊💫

Edward Chang 圣诞快乐🎁!Merry Christmas to you!

larrytoube great shot

Ron Dadoo very very nice !

robert_wisniewski SUPER !!!

Etherliana Awsome!!

gerlos awesome!

Roman Czarny for this approach, it is worth sacrificing

Lauren Huston As long as the lightning stays that distance away :)

Roman Czarny Of course, I was thinking about rain, not lightning - with this one there is no joke :-)

Tomasz Dolata Great shot !

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