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vividcolourfabric Then you have a wonderful view from your roof, Satoshi-san. :)

Zenon Drobiński Very nice view and very good shot! 😊

Roman Czarny It's a beautiful mountain and an amazing shot

vera 🤣 fine! You can see Mt Fuji on your roof! Wow! what a chance! And why do you give up usually? Is it dangerous to climb on your roof ? it's the first time I see it...

Satoshi T Thanks! I can see it well 😎from the roof only Winter. But ... I once fell off the roof with my cameras. I have been afraid since then 😖 ...

Piotr Łaskawski I love mountains, It's a perfect view from your roof and a great photo;)

Magda Korzewska Beautiful, so clear view.

tigg I’m so pleased you did! I had no idea you had such a stunning view ..... Amazing.

Satoshi T A little scared on my roof... Thanks @tigg !

Remigiusz Amazing foto.

jayce Wow such a chance you are able yo see mount Fuji from your home, superb view!

Tomasz Dolata Wow great view :) thank you that you share it with us :)

Jan Buchta Fuji, I love this view! You have such a great landscape from your home. It's really nice shot :)

120mr <3 contrast!

Ewa Kudlaty Great view!

Danuta Amazing view, it looks so majestic !

Ian Prince I didn't know you could see Mt Fuji from Tokyo! Cool!

Satoshi T I will be careful about the climate this year. Sometimes the air is very clear, there are times when I can see far away..

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T 40-150 F2.8 PRO + TC14 tele-converter ❤️

Ian Prince Decent lens ;)

Satoshi T I brought it to "Kai-komagatake 2956m" , It is heavy on mountains.😅

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