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Gosia Amazing!!! 100 stars for you <3

Katrina Yu Thank you!! <3

Bruce Awesome image and great sentiment - c'est fantastique! :-)

Katrina Yu Merci infiniment! Always appreciate your comments, Bruce!

Bruce Likewise Katrina, likewise :-)

Gogi Golzman great words by a great man ... great photo by a great artist =] star from me

Katrina Yu Thank you!

Etherliana Stunning!!<3

Katrina Yu Thank you!

Marcin Wojtasik I saw your photo and reminds... :)

Btw photo is beautiful :)

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Marcin. Appreciate the song too! It's sounds so appropriate!!

Roman Czarny Superb
What can I add more

Katrina Yu Thank you, Roman.

jewels Love the picture and your comment <3

Katrina Yu Than kyou, Jewels.

Krzysztof Maciejewski Hard to tell what delighted me more - this photo or this great comment under it. Love them both!

Katrina Yu Thank you! I hope the words had inspired somehow! :D

Krzysztof Maciejewski Yes, they really did! :-)

Ron Dadoo Haaaa! j'adore! it reminds me of one of my favorite songs of Jean-Louis Murat "l'ange déchut"

Hanna G. it's simply breathtaking - beautiful

Katrina Yu Thank you, Hanna!

craig Katrina, I cannot find words that express how brilliant this image and sentiment are! As always I will just enjoy and be inspired!

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Craig. I'll do my best in creating more stories!

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thank you, Beata. <3

makebate THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!

makebate And also, Icarus was always my favourite character from myths. I mean, somehow I feel like him, or maybe, I want to be like him. In Polish we had so much poems, songs based on his story, all of them are so precious to me. And maybe thats why this photo suits me that much, I tells a story of a dreamers, dare and curosity, bravery, which I need and the moment. And so are you Katrina. I wish you to go up to the stars, to meet the ones that you are creating

Katrina Yu Thank you so much my dear! And to you too, may you never run out of courage to go after the ones you love!! <3

wkaleniecki Awesome!

Kateli Wonderful photo !! xx

v agnès This is a wonderful pic Katrina!! Thank you also for Singer's text and yours.

Magda Parkitna Fantastic!

Satoshi T Wonderful Katrina!! I am afraid of failing and will not try to fly...

Ian Forbes Great picture, I love the blurred feathers effect. (Fav)

Urszula Stachowicz I always knew you are an angel :) I never thought about Icarus that way, your interpretation is so optymistic. :D Beautiful wings :)

Margie Gorgeous and so introspective. Great literary references.

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