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Satoshi T Great resolution! Happy New Year @Ewa !

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you @Satoshi! I wish you the same!

jayce Great explosive synchro ! Wishing you a happy new year

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you @jayce You too all the best!

Ian Prince There's even some red in the fireworks, just for you ;) Best wishes for the New Year Ewa.

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you @Ian. One of stars to you for New Year!

Ian Prince Thanks Ewa <3

Kazziz I don't know what would You like to be better there. Wonderful shot, Eva!

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you @Kazziz <3 There are always something what can be better:-)

Wojciech Happy New Year @Ewa

kasiek WOW! :D

Ewa Kudlaty @kasiek it's view from my window. Next time I will go on There was a lot of fireworks.
@Kazziz if you want to see fireworks you must be there!

m_rudziewicz Happy New Year! :)

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you @m_rudziewicz! Happy to you too!

Magda Korzewska You mean white balance? Happy 2018 Ewa

Ewa Kudlaty I don't know what I meant;-) Now I see that it's pretty nice pic:-) Thank you @Magda!

Roman Czarny Happy New Year for you too

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you @Roman once again!

mrs Foch Nice! I realy like this pic :D

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you @mrs!

Paula Walczak Spełnienia marzeń Ewa, nie tylko tych z noworocznych chwil :)

Ewa Kudlaty Dziękuję @Paula! Marzeń u mnie pod dostatkiem. Tobie też życzę realizacji planów zawodowych i tych najpiękniejszych - osobistych <3

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