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Lido Good sleep is good health👍

Lesley Satoshi, you are so full of life. Your creativity astounds me.🙂

120mr Chai is taking care :)

eventide I wish you a quick recovery Satoshi!

Darek Antkowiak get well! man!

tania Poor you... I'm sure "overdo" is the way to describe you, and most of us I'm afraid...
Take care Satoshi !

Darek Antkowiak And cuddle a cat. It always works positively :)

Basia get well soon:)

jayce Wish you a quick recovery. Also I like your resolution!

Urszula Stachowicz Poor Satoshi I hope you'll feel better soon. :) Also - I think I haven't seen this cat earlier. ;) <3

Satoshi T It's #chai, Thanks.

Daniel Zaleski Recover and feel OK

superczapla It looks like your cat is worried about you... I wish you a quick recovery !

Michał Get well @Satoshi !

Aga Ka I hope you will get better soon.

Danuta I'm so sorry Satoshi , take care of yourself, slow down! ...good rest, a lot of sleep and get back to good health quickly ! Kitten has a worried look , good friend, worries about you

Satoshi T Thank you for your messages, Tookafriends! it is not so quick, but I'm recovering...

WK Fan Oh, your cat sleep with you! :)

Ian Prince Get better soon my friend :) Nice to see Chai taking care of you :)

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