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Nicolas Camenisch I wish it would also snow up here in the north of Switzerland! Sadly, it doesn't look like it is going to snow soon :(

Ian Prince It seems like the more south you go the more snow there is. Zermatt was cut off from the word after a high snowfall. But it’s only early January, still plenty of Winter left 😁

Nicolas Camenisch Let's hope for the best ;)

Paweł Kadysz You should create a gallery with photos of those trees.

Ian Prince Its funny you say that, I had exctly that thought after posting it!

Ian Prince Done :)

Margie Whoa! Gorgeous composition and trees. Well done. A star for you.

Ian Prince Oh thank you Margie

Gogi Golzman this photo is not beautiful at all! and i didn't liked it at all!!
snow is terrible and i hate your snow photos! and i'm not envy at all!!!!!!
A-T A-L-L !-!-!

Gogi Golzman and i didn't gave you a star.. at all!

Ian Prince I just knew you wouldn't like it :)

Kazziz we definitely share the feelings.

FlyteWizard This look sooo peaceful!

Ian Prince It is :)

Satoshi T This pic looks so calm and peaceful, on the other hand, I am worried about listening to the abnormal weather in Switzerland and news of avalanche from Zermatt...

Ian Prince I wouldn't worry too much, there are worse place in the world to get stuck in :) Apparently the village has an extra nice special feeling being cut off from the world :)

vera this image makes dream ... I would see it on the cover of a book or the illustration of a fairy tale (the fear that hides the forest...)! Beautiful!

Ian Prince Interesting that you feel that. I guess I live in a fairy tale then :)

vera who knows? with a name like yours ... 😉

Lesley Wow! I like it!

Ian Prince Thanks!

Ewa Kudlaty Beautiful!

Ian Prince Thanks!

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