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Bruce Looks like the weather around here :-) Nice work, Katrina! :-) Nice work on the clouds :-)

Katrina Yu I love rain, but I don't know how I'll feel if it's raining almost every day!! During monsoon seasons in SE Asia it can rain for weeks and it does get a bit depressive not seeing the sun. 😮

Roman Czarny Another masterpiece

Katrina Yu Aww, thank you, Roman.

Magda Parkitna I like atmosphere in this picture. great job @Katrina

Katrina Yu Thank you, Magda. Appreciate it.

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Beata. Happy you like this one. Thought this was going to be a fast one (in terms of shooting) because I need to go somewhere after but it took me way longer and more effort. To get those floating fibers I have to put them in the umbrella and click when I put it up on my head so I can capture them mid-floating. There was a lot of picking stuff over every click. It was an exercise. Lol

craig Katrina you have been very busy! I just love your posts today!

Katrina Yu Hehe, I can't handle so many social media at once. That's why there's some bulk uploading going on lately. 😣

Ron Dadoo it reminds me a bit of the work of Swiss artists: jojakim cortis et adrian sonderegger

Katrina Yu Thank you soooo much, Pat, for this artist!!! I love miniature photography that depicts real life so this is amazing for me. I have to check all his work. :D

Ian Forbes Has everybody you know got no pillows to sleep on now? Great Image :-)

Katrina Yu I bought 1kg of pillow fibers just for this!!! I just added another "waste" to my photo prop stuff. ahaha

Ian Forbes I know what you mean I have a lot of stuff like that! :-)

Urszula Stachowicz You know, your 'before' and 'after' on insta are the best! I always wait for them. :D I love this one. And the title is great. This is amazing how many sources inspire you. :)

Katrina Yu Haha thank you so much for checking them out!!!!!! I'm so insecure about them(especially now so many people are watching them)!!!! I rely so much on photoshop that I don't take it perfectly because I know I can 'fix' it. I think my before/afters are outrageous (and I like to master blending too so it's a practice of sorts).

Urszula Stachowicz Yeah, I know what you mean. But for me - your workshop is just amazing. :) I do the same, sometimes I'm to lazy to iron something because I can do it later. Or when I know I'll be changing background I took photos in really sloppy surroundings. :D But you know - there always will be people who'd be complaining about you using so much Photoshop. From many different reasons. But who cares - you're works are excellent. :)

Gosia I'm surprised how the composition here is different from your other work. You tend to place focus in the center of the image and here it's so close to the right edge! For me it fits your description, I get a feeling of imbalance here, of uncertainty. I love it.

Katrina Yu Thank you so much!! If you didn't mention it I would never have thought about it that way. I have a problem with cropping because I don't want to lose negative space but sometimes the right crop makes a great photo. Still practicing on this!!!

Etherliana Wonderful photo and a beautiful message !!<3
these puffs are soo lovely !!

Katrina Yu Hehe, thank you!! Puffs are from pillow fibers.

Margie Love the text and the photo. Very nice.

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