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Katrina Yu Thank you, Rafal!! Appreciate the visit!

Rafal Laczynski I am very impressed with your creativity! Respect! 👏

Anne Oh, cool! It was worth your time! ;)

Bruce Nice work, Katrina! Your whimsical images are always so well done :-).

Katrina Yu Thank you!! I'm getting better right? Haha! :P The ideas come and go but I've been practicing on how to compose them better in terms of setting the angles!

Bruce But you always manage to pull it off, every time :-) :-)

Urszula Stachowicz When I first saw this photo, I thought: 'Wow! This is so surreal, I love it!' And than I saw what you're reading. <3 Great final touch. :D

Katrina Yu The devil is the details!! :D I've been putting little things in the image that adds more to the story. Always makes me happy when a person can see it! Thank you xx

mrmm2017 Great book you are reading!

Katrina Yu Oh yes, Flight 101!! :) Thanks for the drop by!

craig What an amazing image Katrina! You can see that a lot of work has gone into it, but it has really paid! Love the Pigeon placement.

Katrina Yu Thank you so so much, Craig!!! Each pigeon is from different stock photos that I have to cut out. The tricky part was matching the light and angles of each one. Been practicing on making my photo as seamless as possible. :)

craig Even more work than I imagined but your practice is now perfection as your images are seamless to me!

Ron Dadoo très très bon encore une fois!

Ewa Kudlaty Amazing!

Gosia I love how you're leaning against that top wire.

Kateli Love it ! Bravo !! xoxo

Magda Parkitna Fantastic. Like it a lot👏

Etherliana It is wonderful!<3
and I really like how these birds look into your book:D
One (I have such an impression) that they give you tips and their own advice: D

vera I love the pigeons and also how you hang on the wires. And especially what is interesting is what you mean with this picture !? she raises a lot of questions ... very interesting!

makebate Hahaha, this is marvelous! I love your ideas! Your scale is so wide. From galaxies to.. Wires woth pigeons :P How do you get inspired? By what? You have some special - inspiring drugs or sth?

Ian Forbes Its not just the photos, but your ideas that are great. well done Fav.

IzabelaK Jestem zachwycona !

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