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120mr Volkswagen Beetle?

120mr And great idea! I miss the logos :)

Ian Prince Me too!

Nicolas Camenisch Really difficult :) It looks like it is a Volkswagen Beetle. Sadly I'm unable to say when exactly it was manufactured based on your picture, but if I had to take a guess, I would say it was manufactured in 1998.

jazzie Blinker of an US Beetle from 1969 or later :-)

120mr I was so exited that i didn't see the make thing. :)

Ron Dadoo haha!! cox of course! little story, yesterday I see a green vehicle perfect to trap Ian, I think I finish my meal and will go take the picture ... serious mistake, the driver took his car and left! morality, you must never wait to shoot! je suis sûr que je t'aurai collé @Ian 😛

Ian Prince A pity you missed the pic, I’m always up for a challenge 😁 And yes always better to not wait!

v agnès Cocc’!

Magda Korzewska Challange accepted! Great idea, bravo @120mr

120mr Thanks. But I didin't know the date. I'll try next time.!

myno Cox

Ian Prince @120mr @Nicolas @jazzie @Ron @v @Magda @ono - great to see you all playing my little quiz and guessing correctly :) Can't promise the next ones will be so easy ;) Scoreboard: @120mr : 1 point

Ian Prince Oh FWIW, it's a Beetle "1303" built sometime between 1973 and 1980 :)

120mr Thanks! Next time I'll try with the date. :D

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