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Paweł Kadysz Now that I look at the meta data on this pic I see the date in my camera is off by more than an hour.

anjin Can u elaborate a bit how it helps you in trainings? Pls...

Jan Buchta Yep, I'm interested in too actually...

Szymon Rączka Apple Watch for me is a big big game changer!

Paweł Kadysz @Jan, @anjin, just to be clear, I bought it when I was already training for almost 6 months. Apple Watch was my "reward" for sticking to the training routine. I knew that the watch would not help me START to train. I needed to start on my own. Apple Watch was only supposed enhance the training.

There's this saying: "if you don't measure it you can't improve it". Apple Watch tracks pretty much everything and therefore helps to improve. It shows you exactly where you can improve.

Those rings you're supposed to complete every day is pure genius. It is addictive. Once you have few days completed you'll do a lot not to break the chain. I often do jumping jacks in the evenings, just to close my rings. I started going for 30+ minute walks because it so much easier to close the ring this way.

Every week Watch suggests a new target. I started at burning 450kcal per day during excercise. Now I'm at 750kcal a day. And it's not that easy to burn 750kcal.

Monthly achievements are also great. To get this month's badge I still need to burn 2800kcal during excercise. I only have 3 days left. That's ~900kcal per day. So what do I do? I excercise more.

It just does the job. It makes me exercise more.

Jan Buchta Yep it make sense in this way. It's obvious, even the best running shoes won't make you start running. You have to start running first and then you can buy better shoes and it helps you be a better runner. You're right. Stuff like this can support you and it's great and really helpful. It shows your progress and it's motivating as well when you see every day the progress and you want to improve more and more.

anjin Thanks!

Jennifer Ha! When you put it in that perspective, it is kind of crazy! I'm at about 20% now 😯

Anne 1600, wow!

Szymon Maciejczyk Congrats on 1600 ! ... I use apple watch for years now and can't imagine my life without it.

Szymon Rączka I started in last days of 2018 and biggest technology surprise of past few years.

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