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Hanna G. wow
very interesting stuffing eggs

egzist Looks great. Very smart idea.

Jennifer I love the photo, but I'm also really interested in learning how to do this! My brain just can't figure it out. This photo makes me think. :)

Satoshi T Though I have a dedicated cutting tool, but I also can not do quite well, actually. :D

Terry Artt That is very novel creation. To obtain the eggshells with such a precise cut and not breaking it takes a delicte machine. The lighting is perfect, Satoshi, it is always interesting to know how you achieve it.

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Terry !

Tomasz Dolata interesting idea, and I have just puzzles me how to cut your so fragile eggshells?

Satoshi T I have many tools for miniature model but I am not good at using dedicated eggshell cutter actually. X)

Rohini Great shot

craig Lighting is good on this! The puddings look very appealing!

Roman Czarny It looks delicious - is that tasted?

Eva Splendid!
(maybe I'm a little bit silly, but how did you manage to cut them so perfectly?)

Paulina Drozd Japan is awesome!;)

Michael Gatton These look amazing, and a wonderful idea for presentation. Beautifully photographed.

My Confetti Moon Yummy good!!!

Grzegorz Wojtasik they look great!

Kirsten Wow, how nice you got the edges so straight! Beautiful picture and great idea!!! :)

Daniel Zaleski I wonder how do you cut the eggs???

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