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Michael Gatton Brilliant!

tania Thank you :)

vera wow!

Ian Prince Oh so very good! The juxtaposition of the girl and the swan is just perfect. One of my favourite's of yours :)

Ian Prince And taken with an iPhone no less! Just goes to show you don't need a "real" camera to take great photos :)

tania Thank you :) Glad you like it ! Fortunately Lyah doesn't have a countdown timer but she was absolutely crazy at this moment and wanted to play and not to pose...

tania Probably because I'm a damn good photographer ! Hihi...

tania Thank you Hanna.

Chen YiZhou amazing!

tania Thanks :)

Kevin Drum Very awesome. Like an illustration for a story.

tania Ooh... That's cute! Thanks Kevin!

Roman Czarny excellent composition

tania Thank you Roman !

Mihir brilliant. Also a talented writer could come with a nice little story from this single frame itself.

tania Thank you Mihir ! I really appreciate that comment. Could be a nice idea to develop...

Alina Śliwińska So beautiful!

tania Thank you Alina !

Satoshi T Perfect composition! You did it Tania!

tania Oooh thanks Satoshi. I'm glad you like it !

Jesse Lind So much yes!!! So much wow! :D

tania So much thanks :DDD Jesse !

craig Wonderful composition!

tania Thank you :)

Nacho Guevara Great portrait, very moody and nostalgic

tania Thank you :)))

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