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Artur Łobocki @hanna you should make a gallery named "just..." with your magnificent pics :)

Hanna G you're right, so I'll do JUST

craig You are so good at these shots!

Hanna G thank you very much Craig - it's the end this short series

Magda Ko Tomorrow olives. Just very good shot :)

Hanna G I was going to finish the series in this picture, but if you insist ... maybe onion ...

Comment was deleted

Hanna G I try

Gabi U Ciebie nigdy nie jest zykłe "just" :-)

Hanna G bardzo dziękuję za miłe słowa

Roman Czarny Doskonała oprawa (brakuje mi troszeczkę koloru tych smacznych pomidorków)

Hanna G domaluję przy okazji ...

Kazziz Salad streak!

Amarnath Shiva Beautiful tomatoes and waters

Hanna G thanks

Eugene Alexeev I think it is not comfortable for the eye that the front of the stem is out of focus. The front two tomatoes do not bother me, but when I look at the stem it instantly jumps out at me. I might consider reversing the order such that we don't see the cut portion of the stem, and that the stem does not protrude from the formation of the tomatoes.

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