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Year #1 Progress
Day 50
Winter Sunshine 50/365
Winter Sunshine 50/365 Cirencester was looking glorious in today’s mid-afternoon sunlight. 📷 DJI Mavic Pro 1/1150s at f/2.2, ISO 100. 7 shot panorama.
Day 49
Sapperton Canal Tunnel
Sapperton Canal Tunnel Sapperton Canal Tunnel 49/365 I’m standing on the Coates Portal, at the entrance to the 3,500m long Sapperton Tunnel on the Cot...
Day 48
Last of the lonely lunar shots
Last of the lonely lunar shots 48/365 Feeling as though I’m getting better at capturing sharp well exposed lunar images. So now it’s time to work on c...
Day 47
Passing By
Passing By Passing By 47/365 Really enjoyed experimenting with this view of a nearby church. It was almost pitch-black when cars were not passing - th...
Day 46
Holiday Homes
Holiday Homes Holiday Homes 46/365 A cool £1.2m ($1.5m) will buy you one of these rather pleasant lakeside homes in the Cotswold Water Park. Have to s...
Day 45
Lakeside Revival
Lakeside Revival Lakeside Revival 45/365 Such a still quiet morning as the rising sun burnt off the morning mist.
Day 44
Failing Light
Failing Light Failing Light 44/365 (Yesterday's photo) I was about to leave the office last night expecting the light to have completely failed, but i...
Day 43
Sunrise on the Flood Plain
Sunrise on the Flood Plain Sunrise on the Flood Plain 43/365 Adore the quiet stillness of the flood just after dawn…
Day 42
Fire and Flood
Fire and Flood Fire and Flood 42/365 The flood waters are rising on the infant Thames, and tonight's incredible sunset glow cast some wonderful reflec...
Day 41
Crickley Hill
Crickley Hill Crickley Hill 41/365 One of my favourite views in the area, across Gloucestershire towards the Malvern Hills. It looks so glorious doesn...
Day 40
Cedar Cedar 40/365 I was asked to photograph this cedar by a lovely friend in the Church, to be used in our sermon today (it is yesterday's shot in my...
Day 39
Confluence Confluence 39/365 A crazy day of work, car repair shenanigans, plus high winds and pouring rain left little opportunity for photography. Ho...
Day 38
Looking East
Looking East Looking East 38/365 You might remember my photo of the Mansion and yew hedge in all the snow last Friday. Here's the same landmark but fr...
Day 37
New vs. Old
New vs. Old New vs. Old 37/365 I'm a true fan of the Cotswold Stone architecture we have in this area, including examples like this from the Royal Agr...
Day 36
Paddington Station
Paddington Station Paddington Station 36/365 A day of wearying travel, visiting a client in the city. I'll never tire of travelling through Paddington...
Day 35
Brick Bridge
Brick Bridge Brick Bridge 35/365 Enjoyed a brisk walk around the disused railway/disused canal loop during lunch and the daily standup call today. Sad...
Day 34
Deserted Pasture
Deserted Pasture Deserted Pasture 34/365 Looking South from Chiseldon towards Marlborough. There's definitely some artistic license taken with the sky...
Day 33
Daybreak Daybreak 33/365 A clear beautiful morning after the heavy snows of yesterday.
Day 32
The Mansion, Cirencester
The Mansion, Cirencester The Mansion, Cirencester 32/365 Snow days are such fun, yet so tough to capture well, particularly when we don't get them oft...
Day 31
Brittle Silence
Brittle Silence Brittle Silence 31/365 The -6℃ temperatures and heavy frost gave this morning's flight an almost dream-like sense of stillness, with t...
Day 30
Luscious Lakeside
Luscious Lakeside Luscious Lakeside #30/365 A crazy busy day at work with no time to breathe, let alone take photographs, followed by a mad dash to co...
Day 29
The old canal path
The old canal path The old canal path 28/365 A gloomy grey day, but that just made this scene feel even more moody.
Day 28
Cotswolds Aircraft Graveyard
Cotswolds Aircraft Graveyard Cotswolds Aircraft Graveyard 28/365 Cotswolds Airport is always worth a visit - so much industry and activity to survey....
Day 27
Sunday Stroll
Sunday Stroll Sunday Stroll 27/365 An awfully cold but highly enjoyable jaunt around Lydiard Park this afternoon. Such a pleasure to see so many famil...