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Tomasz Dolata Congratulations !

Rafał Bolko Wow! Congratulations !

Michał Great! Hope you'll continue here, your photos are unique :)

Rafal Laczynski Congratulations! 👏👍

Lauren Huston Happy New Year Gogi!

Viola Qniej congrats, Gogi!

Bolesław Congratulations!

Dorka Congrats!!!

Rafal Great! Congratulations!

NatZ Congratulations! x2 😊

AP Darth Congratulations

Ewa Kudlaty Congratulations and I wait for next amazing photos!

agnieszka bladzik great! big congrats!

robert_wisniewski !!! Congratulations !!!

Magda Korzewska Gogi, big congrats! 👌👌👌

Hanna Gawrychowska congratulations @Gogi
I hope to see next projects

Aga Ka Congratulations.

Artur Łobocki Congratulations!! ☆

Satoshi T Congratulations @Gogi !

Łukasz Congratulations!!!

Etherliana Double congratulations! :D

Katrina Yu Ohh, I remember when I congratulated you the first time I was almost halfway with my 365. Now, this would be the 2nd time and goodness, where did time go? Congratulations, Gogi. It was beautiful to have witnessed your visions and day stories.

Wojciech Podwójne gratulacje :)

Roman Czarny Congratulations and Happy New Year

Magda Parkitna Big congrats! Fantastic project, I like it very much. Great job!

Kasia Congratulations! :)

Jakub Szymański Great! I wish you a lot od fun with that:) I've just started..I Hope I'll finish the project:)

Chen YiZhou Congrats!

superczapla Double congrats !!

Kindzalka Congartulations... I love that photo ( like most of yours) ;)

Kazziz You did it again, Brother.

Ian Prince Another great year of photography Gogi! Congratulations. Looking forward to your third year here :)

Monika Fabcia Congratulations!

Gogi Golzman thanks =]

Edyta Congratulations Gogi ! Amazing pictures :D

Gogi Golzman Thank you :)

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