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Steve Karg Congratulations, Satishi! You and your photos have been an inspiration to me.

S Kumiko Congrats! Satoshi-san.

v agnès Congratulations and bravo for all your very original pics!

tigg Congratulations indeed - you have become a star on this site. I'm looking at this very early in the morning, so probably not thinking too straight. This is a reflection shot, yet the 365 is the right way round ...? And the exif data says 35mm - but what lens did you have on the ........oh! It wasn't taken with the Olympus Pen. Now all is clear; told you I was half asleep still.

Roman Czarny Congratulations, my friend, and as always we look forward to more

bvphotosnap Yay!! You did it @Satoshi!! Congratulations!! :) Awesome 365th image!!

120mr So amazing, @Satoshi ! I'm always looking for your pics here, it's a pleasure to watch a little bit of your world :) congrats!

Jola I congratulate the photos, ideas and perseverance :D

Kateli Bravo ! I love your photos and ideas ! Hope to see more of your captures in the future !!

noun Waw! Congratulations for all your great and beautiful work! I'm like a lot of people on this site waiting your pic every day! I loved discovering your universe, your passions. And your are a great support for me, always a nice comments. Merci beaucoup Satoshi!

noun Ps : I 'll be still waiting your pic every day!

vera Congratulations Satoshi! I can also say thank you to you, because your project is not only awesome photos, but also such a supporting attitude with so much people in Tookapic! We feel a person of great quality beyond photos! 👏🏻😊

Tomasz Dolata Congratulations Satoshi!!!!! I'm glad you're with us:)and I wish the next 365 images just as good as before.....

Boczek Congratulations @Satoshi ! Looking for more as always ! :)

Ian Prince Satoshi-san, you're the best! Just love this photo, I can so easily see your big smile behind the camera :) I've always wanted to visit Tokyo.... so now with all your very Japanese-style photos over the last year, I want to even more. Thank you for that! Looking forward to "Satoshi feel free" Year Two.

Michał Kubalczyk Yeah! 🎉 Congratulations!

Jule Congrats Satoshi!! :)

Ewa Kudlaty @Satoshi Congratulations! See you soon (tomorrow???) :D

Rafał Biernacki Wow! Congratulations and thank You for showing Japanese piece of our Earth :):):):):):)

egzist As many people here, I always follow your new photos. So many amazing ideas, so much fun and some knowledge about Tokyo and Japan. Very precious experience. And of course your social involvement is awesome. So many comments, looking for associations between photos of even different users and huge support for all of us on Tookapic. Thanks Satoshi! Congratulation of your 365 pics and good luck!

jazzie Congrats, Satoshi! Great series and great 365th pic!

Ron Dadoo Bravo! And thank you for all the comments, the encouragements, and I shall some more like seeing of your images and this series bye bye weekly theme!!

Hanna Gawrychowska congratulations @Satoshi - You did it
you are a unique personality to tookapic
and your photos are also exceptional

jewels Congratulations Satoshi-San and thank you not only for sharing your beautiful and inspirational pictures with us, but also for your encouragements and your kindness. I am very happy to read that you will stay with us and really look forward to discover your new free style :-)

Artur Łobocki BIG congratulations for you @Satoshi . It was a great journey with your pics. I have the same feelings about the intensity which is associated with loading pictures every day of the whole year. I promise myself that as soon as one year will passed, that the attitude to the next year with a much a greater distance. I just wish you that in the next year on tookapic :)

Grace Hi Satoshi, congratulations! Thank you so much for all the support and involvement you have given to me and I'm sure many others on the tookapic site, I really appreciated it. I hope you'll still be around for many more photos :D

Magda Korzewska Satoshi big congrats. I am happy this is not the end of your journey, please promote your beautiful country to all of us. Great achievment, be proud of yourself.

Amarnath Shiva Congrats Satoshi.

tania What a great job you've done Satoshi. You've been involved everywhere : beautiful photos, incredible work behind lots of them, encouraging everyone here, making links between people, photos, railway stations, etc... Your kindness has been deeply appreciated ! Thank you, thank you !

agnieszka bladzik congrats, hope you will stay :)

jokele My congrats, Satoshi!

Margie Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment!! Feel great. I am like so many others who view you as such a leader, encourager, and innovator on Tookapic. I hope you don't totally disappear as you are one I look for every single day. You are indeed talented and with such a fresh perspective. Be happy and free!

Hans Flaman Great, Satoshi!

Ola Powajbo Congrats :-)

Tai Ogura おめでとうございます。

Shawn Congratulations and thanks for sharing your unique and inspiring photos ♡

Krzysztof Puszczyński Congratulations!

Michael Gatton Genius. And congratulations on 365! Hope you are planning to keep it up for a 730 :-)

azral congrats @Satoshi ! great 365th picture! i hope for more, of course. i'll be waiting for your photos every day, as usual ;)

sarabembenek Congrats!!! :)

m_rudziewicz Congrats Satoshi, well done! Thanks for your photos. Hoping for more :) P.S. Your support means a lot!

Jakub Purej qbanez Gratulations Satoshi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Robert Mordarski Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aneta Muszkiewicz Congratulations, Satoshi! Well done! :D

Małgorzata Czarniakowska Congratulations Satoshi! :D :D :D

My Confetti Moon Bravo & Congrats on 365 great photos!!!

czareker Congratulations :)

Satoshi T Thank you very much for your stimulus impressive pics, and such a many heartwarming messages! @Steve , @S , @kimberly , @itsfatemehhashemi , @v , @tigg , @Roman , @bvphotosnap , @120mr , @Jola , @kateli , @noun , @vera , @tomaszdolata_o0ikei7 , @kubaboczek_zdigilj , @ianprince , @rev3n , @rainsandshadows , @ekropka , @rafalbiernacki_4ucue2x , @egzist , @jazzie , @rondadoo , @hagaw , @jewels , @artlobo , @grace , @magdatko , @shivaamar , @tania , @abladzik , @jokele , @margie , @hansflaman , @olapowajbo_0spew3x , @taiichiro_ , @shawn , @krzysztof , @ursolya , @mgatton , @azral , @sarabembenek , @m_rudziewicz , @qbanez , @robertmordarski_pbpw4go , @brinnan , @czarniakowska , @inverted-pendulum , @myconfettimoon and @czareker . Dziękuję, Merci, Vielen Dank, Dank je, धन्यवाद, شكرا, ありがとう!

Katrina Yu Wow, congratulations Satoshi! Amazing achievement and wonderful journey it seems based on your photo feed. Lovely photo this one too, yeay another selfie from you!!!

Filip Švácha Congratulations! :) I look forward to your photos Satoshi, your style always brings me joy and inspiration :)

Kasia Szyszko Congratulations Satoshi!

Joost van Halm Awesome! 90,220 views! Man, thats fantastic. Congratulations on making it to the finish and very nice you see are staying with us all!

craig Wow Satoshi! I missed this as your 365th shot! Congratulations! I love your work!

Andrew Congrats!

Eva So many comments! Will you see also mine, with this delay(sorry)?
Hope everything is understandable!
Your pictures have been the first that catched my eyes inside Tookapic!
You have been a source of inspiration and a daily joy inside this site!
Thank you!

Agnieszka Pilecka Congratulations !!!! Great work !!! Can you come to Poland for the tookapic birthday party to Białystok? \

Satoshi T I can't attend Tookapic Birthday Party, but My little black cat goes to "Hello Bialystok" !

Magx Yeah, Congratulations

Kazziz Satoshi, You are an extraordinary person.

Mama Dinozaura Congratulations ☺ show must go on😉 Good luck ☺

WK Fan Congrats, Mr. Satoshi san. After once see you photo, I keep following you. Thank you for your great examples of 365 project. I like your architecture series! And of course thanks for your warm support to us, too. Especially whenever I get your comment, that encourage me A LOT!!

jayce Congrats Satoshi for your first year with great publish. Please keep going

Magda Parkitna Congratulations!

Ana Congratulations Satoshi san!

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