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Full screen and full size photo view?

Am I missing the button to switch to full screen photo view, or was it a conscious decision by @Paweł to keep the photos at a... manageable size?

Clicking (+) on a photo in the main view opens up a slightly larger version of the photo in its own window. From there, I can only see the (-) magnifier glass cursor. Clicking it closes the viewer window. There are no buttons, links or trackpad gestures that I found that actually zoom into the photo, and there are no buttons to make the photo occupy the entire screen. There is always some of Tookapic peeking in from behind it.

Does Tookapic even keep the full resolution photo or does it resize it during upload to the size we see? I believe it does keep the original size, but I am not sure if there is a way to see it in Tookapic unless you right-click a photo and open it in a new tab.

If so, it is an interesting philosophical decision by Pawel (and anyone else who has a hand in Tookapic design). Small(ish) photos, aways shown in their entirety and not zoomable feel like... objects, collectibles. They fully belong to the author, and only their representations are available as a record on Tookapic. As such, there is no need and no temptations to, as they say, pixel peep to check for sharpness, noise, etc. That's a good thing, until there is an interesting detail, say, a s street sign, a book, architecture or animal that I would like to examine at full resolution.

To make a long question short: am I correct in believing full size and full screen view of photos are not available on Tookapic, and is this a technical or a philosophical decision?

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