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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#6 103/365
1,928 streak
Day 1,904
Went to my grandma's 80th birthday party. This little guy met some aunts and uncles for the first time. Good time.
Day 1,903
Unwrapping time!
One decent picture before the mayhem started. #theme-jingle-bells. Santa brought too many gifts. Again.
Day 1,902
Last one
Done wrapping. Now "we're waiting for the Santa". #theme-jingle-bells
Day 1,901
Late night
Working late again. Some last minute stuff before the holidays.
Day 1,900
Sleeping on the couch again. 💩 Happy 1900 to me.
Day 1,899
Working late
Here's one for #theme-bokehlicious. Turned out better than expected.
Day 1,898
On the road. Doing errands. But couldn't miss today's fog. I don't remember the last time I saw a fog this thick. Stopped for a quick photo. I w...
Day 1,897
Looking up
Waiting on the parking lot while one of the kids gets an x-ray.
Day 1,896
🌡 38°C
So I guess this is goodbye. It was nice knowing you all. Almost passed out in the office today. Went to sleep on the couch. Woke up 3 hours lat...
Day 1,895
Watching Smurfs before bed time. Old school.
Day 1,894
No real tree this year. We had to have "toddler-proof" #christmas tree. Did our best when decorating and it looks really nice.
Day 1,893
A #streakpic that came out better than expected. Used laptop's screen as the only light source. #tookapic-love I guess.
Day 1,892
I was going to watch some Netflix, but I ended up working late on Tookapic. Haven't watched a minute of Netflix. Oh well. #theme-flatlay-tech
Day 1,891
Another good and #productive day at the office. The light today was really nice. Decided to go for #theme-flatlay-tech
Day 1,890
Ah, finally. Couldn't wait for below 0°C temperatures. Just kidding. I'm already looking forward to spring.
Day 1,889
Another day
That's 71 days in a row of closing all the rings. That means at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Lost 2,2kg of fat during that time...
Day 1,888
Dancing classes
The room looks creepy just before turning on the lights and music. I like creepy. Pic shot 'just in case' but I think that's today's k...
Day 1,887
Grabbed a camera real quick when I noticed the little guy giggling among the toys. Good moment. Would've been missed if I wasn't doing a 365.
Day 1,886
First Lego set
Our son got his very first proper Lego set. And he put it together himself. All I had to do was translate the instructions into somethi...
Day 1,885
Old school!
Got a wireless mechanical keyboard, and I just can't stop typing. Love the feel of it, key response and the sound the keyboard makes.
Day 1,884
Took this one right after waking up. It was just before the sunrise. The light was weird. Very unique color of the sky.
Day 1,883
Obviously Awesome
Reading one more marketing book this year. I believe that's 50th or 51st of 52 in 2019. So far so good. Some interesting insights an...
Day 1,882
Best looking camera I owned. Still a #streakpic but not as painful as yesterday's. A lot is going on in my mind lately. Too many ideas at once. No...
Day 1,881
Note taking
Testing new note taking app. Love it so far. Also, a painful #streakpic this is.