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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#6 270/365
2,095 streak
Day 2,071
One of the newest additions to our now almost finished terrace.
Day 2,070
@megiz having a beer on our terrace while watching the storm approaching. Good evening.
Day 2,069
This is not a cry. That's a shout of victory. Not sure what the source of such an excitement was, but I like the pic anyway.
Day 2,068
Kids asleep. Spectacular sunset. Calm evening.
Day 2,067
Someone needs a haircut. Recovering, day 2.
Day 2,066
Back at home. Recovering. Taking photos from one couch this week. That's a challenge. Thanks everyone for the kind words in the comments on http...
Day 2,065
Minor #surgery for me today. Still on drugs, feeling fabulous. Gonna get some sleep now.
Day 2,064
Stop with the photos already, dad.
Day 2,063
Ego is the enemy
Re-reading this one. Good reminder that we're not really that special. #readingnow
Day 2,062
So few weeks ago we entered the "dinosaur phase". Pretty much all we talk about is dinosaurs now. My wife got our son these fun "dinosau...
Day 2,061
Movie night
We watched Le Mans 66'. Decent movie.
Day 2,060
Hole in the sky
This is how today's #sunset looked like.
Day 2,059
Enough of Family Guy for the day. Also, that's a one dusty remote.
Day 2,058
One sock
Another day, another evening spent jumping on the couch. Exactly one year after was taken 😲
Day 2,057
Best morning of the week. The day we open a new bag of #coffee.
Day 2,056
No spectacular sunset today :/
Day 2,055
Almost asleep
It's been a while since the last time I wasn't the one driving us back home. I missed it.
Day 2,054
Browsing the memes, hacking them pintirest. #badcrop
Day 2,053
"Can you stop with the photos already? It's been 2000 days or something. That's like freaking 40 years for a dog. Please stop." #fibi
Day 2,052
Little big dog
This is what I love about 365 projects. Every once in a while it "lets" me capture a frame like this. A photo that I can be truly proud...
Day 2,051
Got some tiny little guns to play. And it is fun, I must admit.
Day 2,050
Last minute #streakpic that came out pretty good.
Day 2,049
Just finished this nice little book about how to live longer by staying active and sticking to your values. Huge part of the book is about prod...
Day 2,048
"Too quiet" alert
Here's a brief moment of them playing quietly. It lasted exactly four and a half second.