Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#5 341/365
1,801 streak
Day 1,777
Good Old Monster Truck
Still playing with the truck from taken two years ago. Would you look at that. 2/2 in #theme...
Day 1,776
A tomato from our own garden. Harvested by accident. #theme-holding
Day 1,775
The #goldenhour light on our terrace is really nice. And for 15-30 minutes a day it fills the space with #light and #shadow #stripes. Pretty co...
Day 1,774
One of my favorite portraits I've taken. Perfect light, perfect look, perfect focus.
Day 1,773
Planted the hedge on the other side of the house today. Feeling productive. That was one of the last things on this year's Project Backyard to-do...
Day 1,772
Joking around
Spent a nice #family evening, reading books, drawing, talking and #joking.
Day 1,771
Another one from The Neighbour Series. This time shot with the iPhone and much wider lens.
Day 1,770
Summer Tones
Can you believe this was taken with a phone? For me, as someone who switched from 6-year old iPhone to a brand new one - it's amazing. #t...
Day 1,769
Scary #storm #clouds above our #house. Eversince we had an actual tornado going through our village, I'm a bit worried everytime a see a cloud l...
Day 1,768
We had a #barbecue at our place. Great weather, good food, awesome afternoon.
Day 1,767
This photo is missing The Dead Tree. Would've been perfect for the weekly theme. I'm impressed with XR's camera. I might do a week of mobile only...
Day 1,766
Sorting my prints to give away to grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles. #fun! If you missed it, we've launched Printing service recently. You...
Day 1,765
The screen on @megiz's good old iPhone 5C broke, so we had to get a new phone. Today, after 4 or 5 years of using iPhone 6 I erased it gave i...
Day 1,764
Good Evening
First time in weeks I could just sit down in the evening instead of grinding the yard work.
Day 1,763
Blueberry pancakes and a little pumpkin in the background.
Day 1,762
Bad day
Pretty mad with the lack of progress on one of the projects.
Day 1,761
Our own tomatoes! Made some huge progress with Project Backyard over the weekend.
Day 1,760
Nice #afternoon spent #outdoors.
Day 1,759
He tried really hard, but the #barrow did not move.
Day 1,758
Working on another lawn behind the house. Takes so much time. But the satisfaction will be huge. I guess that qualifies for #theme-cold-drink...
Day 1,757
Morning Walk
Went for a 40-minute walk this #morning to get my Apple Watch achievements (it's silly, but it does motivate my to move more). Took my ca...
Day 1,756
Hard to believe, but this is the first pic I took of them both.
Day 1,755
The usual
Just the usual #streakpic. Busy day.
Day 1,754
Nice light
Spent the afternoon at the restaurant with friends and family. Someone took my camera and took this picture. And that's a nice picture.