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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#7 248/365
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Day 822
Night & Day
-20°C. This was taken at 1:47PM. A moon was visible in the early afternoon. I couldn't resist taking this minimal pic. One of our cars fro...
Day 826
Trying to get the most of the weather and shoot some nice winter pics when it's still white and nice outside, because I know it'll get wet a...
Day 823
Good morning
Every now and then we have pancakes on Sunday morning. And the pancakes get more and more delicious every time. And yeah, I ate the whole...
Day 821
Follow me!
Finally a pic I can put in the weekly theme. Despite the terrible cold I had for last few days I couldn't resist today's weather, even thou...
Day 832
Foggy morning
Stopped on my way to the office. Well, actually I went in the opposite direction, to be honest. I couldn't resist taking few pics in the...
Day 833
This time I actually stopped on my way to the office and just went onto some field covered in tiny spruces. Went on my knees and changed the pers...
Day 488
Swimming banana
I need to write down all the ideas for the minimal still life series. This idea was pretty cool. The execution - not so good. But 've...
Day 817
Canon FD 50mm f/1.4
So here's the Christmas present I got this year. I love this lens. The depth of field and the bokeh it gives. It's almost impossib...
Day 828
Netflix & Chill
Spent the evening with the wife, watching Narcos. The camera was mounted on the ceiling lamp which didn't want to stop swinging. That'...
Day 850
Oslo Opera House
No work on Saturday. Went for a walk around Oslo. Visited the Opera House - which is a very nice building. I wish I had the 8mm. 17mm...
Day 846
The appartment is not in the best neighborhood, to say the least, and I don't feel comfortable taking the camera out of the backpack. But...
Day 848
First proper snowfall since I got to Oslo. Weird. I'd think it would snow much more than in Poland. It doesn't. #thursday #outdoors #afternoon...
Day 852
I walk by this place every day on my way from the office. And I take photos of people sitting there almost every day. But I've never cpatured...
Day 865
Back seat
Well... No driving for me today. It's back-seat-sunday again. Having fun with the bokeh, street lights and motion blur. #mirror #afternoon #...
Day 835
Chinese lens
Few days ago I read an article by @zzmysl about this lens, and so I got the Fujian 35mm f/1.7 in the mail today. The cheapest lens I have...
Day 837
I got a call from a client on Friday. I'm up in the sky on Sunday flying to Norway for a quick project. Surprise, surprise. #indoors #afternoon...
Day 856
De-icing of the plane just before the take-off. I don't know why, but for me it looks like it was taken on Hoth or something. This foam cover...
Day 824
Practicing manual focus on the old 50mm. Doing better and better. But what I like the most in this one is the framing and the face that I manag...
Day 881
Bad trip
This was probably one of the worst train ride I have ever been on. It's all because one young man who smelled so bad that every single one of...
Day 838
Foggy Oslo
Turns out it's not that easy to go on a photo taking spree in Norway, in winter. It's dark when I get to the office. And it's dark when I g...
Day 863
Bath time
Another image produced with the Fujian. I really enjoy this little lens. Seriously - if you own a M4/3 camera and have a spare $30, go buy t...
Day 874
First street pic in three weeks. Took the 45mm with me, which turned out to be a bit too narrow. But I like the crop anyway. And especially...
Day 943
For a brief moment we had a chance to watch a beautiful sunset. It looked like the forest was on fire. That gradient was amazing. #trees #eve...
Day 854
Running around Oslo looking for a place to buy high volume booze before 6PM (you can't buy it after 6PM). Stopped in the middle of street and too...