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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#7 242/365
2 streak
Day 2,000
This is it. 2000 photos in a row. Without a single day missed. When I posted pic couple of years ago, I thoug...
Day 1,825
Photography is LIFE
If 5 years ago someone told me that I’d be taking daily photos for 1825 days straight, I’d laugh. First - I can’t do it. Second -...
Day 510
Symbol of my personal failure
See this? This is a working tookapic app. With push notifications and shit. It's not perfect. It still lacks some featur...
Day 2,092
(🇵🇱 Polska wersja niżej, przewiń mocno w dół) Have you ever watched a music video, without music? The vocals and visuals - key elements - are...
Day 1,095
4 years already
So here I am. One year after - posting another 365th pic. Congratulations to me. I now have almost...
Day 2,065
Minor #surgery for me today. Still on drugs, feeling fabulous. Gonna get some sleep now.
Day 365
The best photo ever
This is it. This is my 365th photo. It’s the best I’ve ever taken. And probably most important to me. Don’t be fooled by the size...
Day 526
First bath
Ok, so here he is. Everyone, meet Wiktor (Victor). It's our second day together at home, and first bath at home. Took some really nice pics...
Day 1,045
$1,664 in 48 hours. That's how much you paid in new #tookapichero subscriptions. Another ~$400 in t-shirt and photobooks purchases. That's m...
Day 1,000
Well, I did it. Thousand days in a row. One photo every single day for a thousand days. That's around 9% of my life (12% if I count my first 365...
Day 2,091
Driving home from yet another trip to the vet. It's really, really bad now. We don't even know if she'll survive the night. Edit: She did not...
Day 1,630
First bath
Ok, so here he is. Everyone, meet Oskar. He's basically a copy of baby Wiktor. Here's the proof: So far s...
Day 488
Swimming banana
I need to write down all the ideas for the minimal still life series. This idea was pretty cool. The execution - not so good. But 've...
Day 2,198
Last Sunday me and @megiz drove 750km to take this little creature home. Everyone, meet Kola. With 18-months old child at home, this might ha...
Day 822
Night & Day
-20°C. This was taken at 1:47PM. A moon was visible in the early afternoon. I couldn't resist taking this minimal pic. One of our cars fro...
Day 288
tookapic iOS app
Today we finally signed all the papers and we're now waiting for the official iOS app to be released. It should take few more weeks,...
Day 522
The announcement
It's been a while since I posted a pic with such a delay. That's because the last two days were probably the most important days in m...
Day 852
I walk by this place every day on my way from the office. And I take photos of people sitting there almost every day. But I've never cpatured...
Day 1,252
Year Two.
Time flies so fast. I can't believe I'm a father of a two-year-old. Here's photo. Anyway, we had a great...
Day 453
Around -20°C while taking this photo in the middle of nowhere. I managed to stay out for 4-5 minutes. Took about 6 photos. None of them were...
Day 730
3 years already
Well, that's it. Another 365 days passed. My third 365 project is done (second one here on tookapic). I can't believe I've been taking...
Day 1,083
Thank you Switzerland!
Thank you for having me in Nyon. It was a wonderful experience to meet and talk to you all in person. From the left: @photoluc...
Day 1,295
New leash
We had to take Fibi to the vet yesterday. She started to get shivers and hyperventilated for no reason. It turned out she's got lyme disease...
Day 485
Orange juice
I was going to make it an orange tea and add some steam in Photoshop. But since this would be the only photo manipulation, I decided to l...