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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#7 248/365
6 streak
Day 33
If you run your own business, there's no such thing as long weekend. But at least I can work from home. With three keyboards, two screens, a m...
Day 453
Around -20°C while taking this photo in the middle of nowhere. I managed to stay out for 4-5 minutes. Took about 6 photos. None of them were...
Day 474
Drunken designer
You'll soon be able to see what comes out of me mixing beer and design. Beware. #apple #office #night #macbook #wood #monday #alcohol...
Day 178
The pie
Wife's been baking for last couple of days. Can't wait to finally try those delicious pies and cakes. Had some fun during this photoshoot. Esp...
Day 477
Reading your feedback
Ok, as you all probably noticed, today we rolled out new version of tookapic. We've been working on it for last two or three mon...
Day 149
Fibi the dog
Taking dog portrait is damn hard. Well, maybe it's just our dog. Can't focus, can't sit in one place for more than 1.5 seconds. And when...
Day 308
This was one of 3 or 4 falling meteors I cought in shot. The other 146 photos were just usual stars. My first attempt in astro photography. Q...
Day 110
One of these days at work. Contracts, invoices, mail. Wasting time. I somehow managed to shoot a sharp pic with 7D this time. I'm impressed....
Day 62
Ok, so I thought I'd be spending half of the evening experimenting with my cheap lamps and tripod to shoot a decent pic. But then, the fog appea...
Day 602
I spent the evening writing a blog post about my 365 project. It's in polish, but here it is. If you're polish and you like it or agree with i...
Day 269
We went to a wedding last night. Had a great fun and a lot of food. Really good food. No hangover today, which is odd. I'm not going to compla...
Day 141
Some delicious stuff being cooked in there. I really liked the light in this one. Shutter speed could be a little higher to capture more detai...
Day 181
I was feeling under the weather today. I think it might have something to do with all the eating and drinking for the last couple of days. So I...
Day 84
Party time
Thought I had enough ice at home. Turned out I didn't. Had to use the snow, which we now have plenty of around the house. Ok, so I wish you...
Day 362
We went to our favourite pizza place this afternoon. Not the most sophisticated photo I've ever taken, but I really like the light in this one....
Day 478
Spring rolls
Few weeks ago we had a pizza night at our place. Today, we had asian cuisine night. Ate a ton of spring rolls and some other asian stuff....
Day 152
So I've been struggling a lot to take a pic today. I had no idea for one. None. And whenever that happens, I experiment. And I do really weird...
Day 377
I wanted to play with light today. Boiled some water had few cups prepared. Set up the light. And shot few pics. The steam was not visible in...
Day 148
Couldn't help myself. I had to take this photo. Perfectly clear sky with no stars visible. Almost no glow around the moon. Not as detailed as oth...
Day 109
Another day, another experiment. This time I decided to waste some milk. Not entirely sharp, but this is the best I could do. Still, a lot to l...
Day 488
Swimming banana
I need to write down all the ideas for the minimal still life series. This idea was pretty cool. The execution - not so good. But 've...
Day 93
Taking a last look at the Dolomites. This was a really awesome week. I hope to come back here next year to ride down some more advanced slop...
Day 102
Perfect breakfast
Wife made these delicious muffins yesterday. Can you think of a more perfect Sunday breakfast than three muffins and a hot coffee? #...
Day 301
Lonely tree
Took a detour again on my way home. Found this lonely tree. Stopped, backed up and snapped few pics of it. I guess it fits the weekly them...