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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#5 251/365
1,711 streak
Day 1,687
I bought a sail to hang on our sundeck. It's supposed to give us some shade in the afternoons. Now I need to mount it. That will be a challenge.
Day 1,686
Storm is coming
Stopped on my way home to capture the #storm clouds. Scary.
Day 1,685
Year later
One year ago I posted https://tookapic.com/photos/655856 and promised to shoot a self portrait with a beer same time this year. So here it...
Day 1,684
Out of towels
A pipe broke. We had a flood at our house. Why do those things always happen on Sundays? Why can't they wait few for Monday morning. No...
Day 1,683
We had some friends at our place. It felt like there were more kids than adults. Kids. Kids everywhere. So here's one of the mothers chugging...
Day 1,682
Afternoon Commute
Same path and turn as https://tookapic.com/photos/725516 but 12 hours later and different direction. Love that road!
Day 1,681
I'm in the middle of this one. It's so, so much better than Mason Currey's https://tookapic.com/photos/712109. If you work as creative "Rest" is...
Day 1,680
Found the beer in one of the groceries store. Had to get it. I never thought I'd be having #mythos cold and rainy Poland. I definitely prefer i...
Day 1,679
Coming soon!
The printing tests are over. I'm more than happy with how the mini-prints came out. Soon, you'll be able to order your own. - mini prints...
Day 1,678
Celebrating a small success with the wife. Both kids asleep by 8:30pm. 🎉
Day 1,677
Recovering after the surgery. Not bad for just 48 hours. Playing #mariokart on #nintendo #switch.
Day 1,676
another #sunset after a long, long day.
Day 1,675
Long day
Woke up at 4:30am. Had to drive our older son to the #hospital for a minor surgery. We’re all good now. But waiting outside the surgery block...
Day 1,674
Stray cat
I'm not sure, but this could be my first #cat photo ever posted on #tookapic. First in ~1,700 pics.
Day 1,673
7 weeks
Captured a brief stare right into the camera lens. Pic was taken upside down, to capture his attention. Turned out pretty nice. With that dire...
Day 1,672
Played #soccer with my son for a while. Managed to shoot this pic of the #football against the #sky. I like the #minimal feel.
Day 1,671
I guess this view is my new "Dead Tree" subject.
Day 1,670
A #sunset #streakpic. No willpower to shoot anything better today.
Day 1,669
Went to a housewarming #party. Got properly #wasted. Broke the no-booze-streak of 10 weeks I think. What worries me is the lack of hangov...
Day 1,668
Looking at the sun
Well, I think I have a series now: - https://tookapic.com/photos/728695 - https://tookapic.com/photos/728056
Day 1,667
Before the game
We lost the game. In 96th minute of the #match. Last minute of added time. Is there any worse way to lose the game? I imagined the nat...
Day 1,666
Going to a game
Polish Cup finals on the national stadium. Not the most prestigious game, but since our local team is playing in the finals, why not g...
Day 1,665
#Fibi enjoying the #sunset on a freshly cut #grass. The light was spectacular today. Had to shoot some pics during the #goldenhour.
Day 1,664
I'm probably weird (or even crazy), but I really don't like all the holidays recently. It's another week with holidays in the middle. It breaks...