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tigg Your aunt has a melon farm? How cool is that!

Satoshi T Yes, so I can taste aunt's melon every year! Thank you tigg!

120mr Great light, you can almost feel the structure of the melons' peel.

Satoshi T I use 1 strobe with diffuser on right top and reflector left bottom. you can feel structure of peel ? I am glad. Thank you @120mr !

jokele Nice gradient of the shadows. For CC, it could be more dramatic. Maybe another image, where one piece is cut off the melon.

Satoshi T Oh, Next time I try to cut melon! Thank you @jokele !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T I also love your water and bubbles! Thank you @Kateli !

bvphotosnap Nice simple expression of melons with lovely lighting.

Satoshi T my secret is reflection from left bottm :) Thank you @bvphotosnap !

Rohini Simple and beautiful

Satoshi T I have to learn more about simple expression. Thank you @Rohini !

Michael Gatton Wonderful simple composition and weekly theme concept!

Satoshi T I've learn many from your simple B&W composition. Thank you @Michael !

Shawn Simple but satisfying. I like the balance of negative space.

Satoshi T I'm glad you like it! Thank you @Shawn !

YoonLun I love melons taste !

Satoshi T I also love them! :) Thank you @YoonLun !

Roman Czarny Melons on a blue background - doing color feast before eating

Satoshi T Yeah, Delicious to eat after ripe :). Thank you @Roman !

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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