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Shawn Cute! I have been putting off my own baking.

My Confetti Moon Thanks! The kids added an extra boost & cheer lol

Romain Nothing smells better then fresh backed cookies at home....

My Confetti Moon Thank you very much! @Roman

bvphotosnap A very fun and festive composition! I can image the laughter and ginger smells coming from the kitchen ☺

craig What a great idea!

Wioleta looks lovely , great idea :)

NitaR Great shot and a very creative hack on the old gingerbread man! We used to do this every Christmas - but now everyone is all grown up so....

My Confetti Moon Thanks! @NitaR 😀 I understand that; now our families are finally adding little ones once again. Their energy is joyous ... but happily exhausting lol

Satoshi T Nice idea! :D

naomizhengyang Haha, nice! Merry Christmas!

My Confetti Moon Thx! Merry Christmas to you @naomizhengyang 🎄

Tomasz Dolata fragrant gingerbread house :) this is it! and to this family fun :) good message in the picture !

Moments For You So sweet :-)