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tania Hihi... = first reaction

Ian Prince That was the idea :) There's even a smiley too :)

tania Where ? If you turn it ?

Ian Prince Nope, lol.

Chris G Gratz. And nice title.

agnieszka bladzik big cogratz! hope to see you tomorrow as well :D

Ian Prince Thanks. Should be, one day at a time :)

Margie Congratulations of a super, long achievement!!

Robert de Bock Well done, I've enjoyed your images, thanks for sharing!

noun Congrats again! and Happy new Tookapic year!

Viola Qniej only one photo :)

Ian Prince I tried uploading a second one ;)

Artur Łobocki Ccoonnggrraattuullaattiioonnss 😉

Kateli Amazing !!! Can't wait for year three !!!! ;O)

egzist Great number with super photos, quality, inspiration for us, great stories, superb series etc. Congrats and looking for your tenkapic 😁

Satoshi T Great starting your 3rd year @Ian !

Magda Korzewska Bravo Ian, thanks for your great pictures! Keep going

120mr So many beautiful pics!

tania Reaction n° 2 : bravo Ian ! J'ai trouvé que ton projet a pris une nouvelle jeunesse et vigueur depuis que tu as le 7mm... tu ne devrais pas le rendre je crois ;) C'est vraiment chouette de voir nos vagues photographiques et pour toi, tes lignes sont toujours aussi graphiques, et ton oeil semble être reparti à l'affut. Bravo :)

Ian Prince Merci! Heu, pas sûr que @vera sera d'accord de me laisser son objectif!

Ewa Kudlaty Big respect and Congratulations!!! Your photos are amazing!

Ron Dadoo si Ian se met à faire des jeux de mots !.... Bravo Ian... encore et encore !

Kazziz Ian! Your wide-angle shots are incredibly inspiring, Your swimming in freezing water when it's freezing outside as well. It was a pleasure following You for the last year! Hope we hit a high five during Your threekapic year :)

Nilson Menezes Congrats Ian. Bravo pour la photo et les photos le long de ces deux ans.

Jesse Lind Congrats my friend! Still one ahead of me....

jewels Kudos my dear :-) And happy New Year!

Steve Karg Congratulations on a second year of photos, @Ian ! Such a clever composition on the frosty window!

v agnès Ouh I missed that step, bravo Ian! Always a pleasure to see your pics:-)

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