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noun Waw! Génial! J'adore! et FELICITATION!!
Et bonne année! tous mes voeux!

Ian Prince Merci! À toi aussi bonne année, avec plein de belles photos :)

agnieszka bladzik congratulations :) and you kept such great staircase for the last one :D hope to see you here tomorrow as well

Ian Prince Thanks Agnieska. I spent the day hunting for staircases! This is just one of five fantastic new ones I found :)

So all we need now is a staircase weekly theme. Winking in the direction of @Paweł ....

Krzysztof Puszczyński Congratulations @Ian :) It was really pleasure to watching your pics!

Ian Prince Thanks Krzysztof!

Paulina M Congratulations Ian! :)

Ian Prince Thanks Paulina.

Ron Dadoo super 365th pic! bravo for all !!!

Ian Prince Thanks Ron

Steve Karg Congratulations on making 365 days of GREAT photos! I love your choice of a staircase in your 365th photo, since you are known here on Tookapic for the many staircases you have photographed or inspired. I'm still trying to figure out how you took the photo - unless there is a large clean mirror over the steps...

Ian Prince Thanks Steve. I had two cameras, the one taking the photo on a tripod ;)

Steve Karg @Ian - such a "slight of hand" trick! Love it!

Kevin Drum Gratz Ian. It has been a pleasure seeing all your photos.

Ian Prince Thanks. Likewise!

craig Congratulations Ian! What a great shot to mark the occasion!

Wishing you a happy new year!

Ian Prince Thanks Craig. Happy New Year too.

azral congrats! great 365th pic!

Ian Prince Thanks!

Viola Kuniej yeah, it's your own style, Ian! I <3 your stairs and others pictures! thank you for 2015 and.. I'm waiting for 2016 :) u know... tookapic is addictive... congrats!

Ian Prince Thanks Viola. Yeah..addictive...and I'm not very good at stopping addictions... :)

Comment was deleted

Ian Prince Thanks Michal, make me smile that you appreciate it as it's one of my favourites.

Jesse Lind AWESOME!! So many congrats!!!! It's been awesome traveling with you! :)

Ian Prince Thanks Jesse. Yeah, it's been a great trip.

Mmm, isn't that a train leaving on Platform 2? ;)

Jesse Lind Yup! Can't wait!!

tigg Congratulations. I'm quite envious of so many of you clocking up year 1 .. I feel a real new boy so to speak.

Ian Prince Thanks Tigg. As you know from your other projects the miles clock up quick :)

Satoshi T Congratulations, Ian. Your orderly and dignity of architecture photo is one of my goals.
Nice staircase! It is Perfect for your 365 th photo.
In addition, Special thanks for responding to my interest in the locomotive :).

Ian Prince Thanks Satoshi. It's funny, often when I see locomotives I think I've your model one :)

Magda Korzewska Ian congratulations for You achievment. Please keep on going this is pleasure to follow your work. Happy New year.

Ian Prince Thanks Magda :) Happy New Year to you too.

Paweł Kadysz This is so cool. I love what people do to celebrate the 365th pic. Would you look for that staircase and then lay down to take a pic if it wasn't for the project? Same with the cake in the face pic from @agnieszka . I really like the fact that the project encourages you to do things you wouldn't think you could do.

Anyway. Congratulations. I enjoyed your photos so much. I hope you'll stay with us. It would be a huge loss for the community if you stop now.

Ian Prince Thank you Paweł!

You wouldn't believe how much fun I had yesterday exploring Lausanne, taking me into buildings that normally I would never see. And only tookapic could make me run down stairs like a maniac and then lie down on the ground!

As for stopping now, I'd really miss being part of this wonderful community. So here's to Year Two, one photo at a time!

patrykd Congratulations! :)

Ian Prince Thanks Patryk :)

Comment was deleted

Ian Prince Mahoosive thanks! Lol.

2016, for sure, one day at time :)

Jagoda Pucilowska Congratulations @Ian , great job

Ian Prince Thanks Jagoda.

kimberly Beautiful

Ian Prince Thanks Kimberly

JudithO congrats to completing the year, especially with another great stair pic !!

tania This pic made me laugh so, so much ! Well done for this brillant idea ! I find this photo perfect to end your - first year - project ! Well done Ian !

Jarosław Puszczyński Congratulations;)

Artur Łobocki Big congrats @Ian

egzist Ian, your pics are so inspiring and always high quality. I'm really happy that you've finished your first 365. Congrats!

Cicérøn & Jamie D. Carrey Circle 365 cømpleted ! Bavø ! I lIke

Terry Artt Congratulations Ian.

Ana Ian, You wrote that, taking a photo every day changed your outlook on the world... I totally agree with You! Tookapic makes that everything is more interesting and everywhere you can see a potential on the photo. Congratulations!

Marcin Chęciński Oh wow, that's actually one of the coolest shots for the last photo of year one. Congratulations! Keep up the great pictures, I really like them.

Jae Marie Love this!
Also a lovely read about your 365 journey. I'm a newbie. My second day. Hopefully, I'll be still here congratulating your on your 2nd year :) Well done!

Agnieszka K. A perfect shot for 365! Congratulations Ian!

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