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Marcin Biedroń I like sky gradient, sparkling 'snow' and perspective that gives almost infinity of rails and train.

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Kazzi look at that one "SBB model Intercity train" - my manager at work was sure it's a real photo from Switzerland for over fifteen minutes before he realised :D

Rafal Very realistic!

Daniel Zaleski Well done!

Ron Dadoo These images must be sold to Märklin!

jazzie Wow, lovely picture! Japanese baking soda is great snow :)

Mouhsine Idrissi You know what they say? a good photograph makes you look at it longer and a great photograph makes you look at it much longer and you start looking at every single detail. This is a great photograph Satoshi. Well composed and detailed oriented, the background the back lighting the camera angle.... well done

m_rudziewicz wow, truly impressive work!

Yumi Miyazaki Amazing!!!!! I shud try ! Not with train but with my artwork, and baking soda as snow!

Yumi Miyazaki Its very very beautiful work on this train. Do u say this as toy photography? Because my friend did toy photography with superhero such as batman superman and your last behind the scene photo reminded me of his work too.

Kazzi Wonderful! Your toy trains are such a delight to my eyes. I wonder how You will surprise us with Sunday's photo, Satoshi. Can't wait!

Katrina Yu Can't find the right words to tell you how beautiful this is. The baking-soda experiment added a magical element to this photo!!

Which reminds me from your last photo, the preparation, if there's #saltbae (, you sir is #bakingsodabae. ;) :p :p

jayce What a fantastic result Satoshi. I didn't know what to expect with your preparation in the previous shot. Another fun and poetic photo you have the secret

Rohini It's a innovative idea with such a great result. Love your creativity Satoshi.

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