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tania Wow you ! Congratulations Kate ! Your evolution is great. You seem to worry just about your creativity and I find it amazing. I'm often surprised by your way of seeing things and trying new framings, new colors, new risks...

Well done dear. Photography is plainly part of your life and we can say it's a coincidence if you came home that afternoon, you saw a few new printed photos and... well... let's start !

It's just a beginning...

Kateli Thank you so so so much !! I've changed thanks to you and I think I'm getting to like the new person I'm becoming !!! Phototherapy !!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

tania PS : I'll tell Jean ;)

Kateli Of course you will !! Just to have an excuse to call and chat with him !!! ;O)

jewels Congratulations :-) :-) :-)
Your project was absolutely fantastic, I'm a big fan!!! Hope to see you tomorrow... and the day after... and the day after...

Kateli Thanks @jewels ! It's strange to be the one finishing the project after seeing so many others finish before me !!! Don't know what I'll be up to tomorrow... I think I'll be giving this a big big thought !!! ;O)
It was lovely to meet you and your Leica... Hope to meet in real again soon !!! May be we should get @tania to organise something, she's good at that... down at the lake for a picnic could be a good idea !! What do you think ??? xxx
Take care !!

jewels I would love that, great idea :-) Let's see if @tania can be convinced!

Margie Oh my goodness, congratulations!! What an accomplishment. I have really enjoyed your work and your positive personality. Hope you will keep on.

Kateli Aw thank you so much @Margie ! I've loved every comment you wrote ! I'm glad you've seen a positive personality through my photos !! I try to be positive ! ;O) Don't know what I'll be doing next... I'll see tomorrow ! ;O) Take care !

craig Another great shot and a huge congratulations on your 365th picture! I really hope you decide to continue! However if you decide not to I have enjoyed following you and your very creative project!
See you tomorrow ;-)

Kateli Thanks for that last wink !! I feel as though I know you personally and I like to follow your photos ! I really don't know what I'll be doing tomorrow... another 365 seems a bit too much of an addiction ! I'll just wait and see what tomorrow brings, no pressure, no obligations...
Take care and I'll be following your work for sure !! ;O)

craig No pressure as a fellow photaholic (I have been nearly 5 years on another project) I now just take it a day at a time!

Kateli That's sounds like what I'll do... What is your other project ??

craig I have a blipfoto journal - it is very similar to tookapic. I also post on Flickr but that is really just to back up my favourite shots.

Kateli I'll have a look... What is your pseudo ??

craig Here is a link to my Blipfoto
And my Flickr
If flickr doesn't work my pseudo is Craig3f2

Comment was deleted

Kateli Aw ! That's exactly what I think of you !! I'll be following you what ever I decide about tookapic ! I absolutely love your macro photos. Take care and continue to publish magical photos !!!

Kazziz Hah, and You didn't get it from our yesterday's comments? :D You did it, I am so proud!

Kateli no, I got completely mixed up. I thought I had another day !!!
Thanks for your comment !!

Hanna Gawrychowska congratulations
and good luck with the next

Kateli Thank you so much !!

Ron Dadoo I love your photographic look and the quality of your image ... I will love again, thank you, see you soon

Kateli Thanks creative Ron Dadoo !! See you soon !

Katrina Yu Ohh myy, what an achievement Kateli. Huge congratulations and I love your wide variety of subjects. From your ever beautiful skies to your wonderful closeups. Thanks for sharing your art!! <3

Kateli Thank you so much for very appreciated comment !!

Ian Prince Excellent, bravo! Good luck for year two. You might find it both easier...and harder :) But isn't that half the fun? ;)

Kateli Thanks Ian !! I don't really know where I'm at. A week ago I would have told you I would continue tookpic, now, I'm not so sure. Going to take things lightly and see which decision seems the best... Take care !!

noun Congratulations! Beautiful work!! You're brillant photographer!

Kateli Oh ! @noun ! Coming from you, that's a beautiful compliment !!! Thank you so much !!! xxx

Satoshi T Congratulations @Kateli !
I love your waters, ices, crystal balls, ... and "Kateli's effect"!

Kateli Thank you @Satoshi T. !! Can't really believe I've been at it for a whole year ! Don't know if it has changed anything yet or not... ! Take care !

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