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Piotr Łaskawski looks great:)

tigg I was only thinking this morning that this week's theme is not too good for you .... brilliant for me though ...

Satoshi T Actually this weekly theme is difficult for me... This time I tried it with a small model, but it may be nice to find an undiscovered countryside near me.

Nilson Menezes Perfect. Looks real! It's real!

azral at once i thought - Zakopane! and it is... :D fantastic!

Satoshi T I'm glad you thought Zakopane!

Alek Jedliński Great one Satoshi, I admire your attention to detail :)

Satoshi T Thanks , I love details!

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thanks, After you taught about the sleeping car, I thought that I would like to make Zakopane. I am glad that you like it.

Ian Prince Wow, that looks so real!

Ian Prince New camera ?

Satoshi T No, no. after "KISS" , Almost one year I used combination of SONY α7II and "Measureing tool rather than camera". ;)

Ian Prince Of course. I guess my memory doesn't work that well :) And that you shoot so often with your Pen maybe ;)

Satoshi T Certainly, now I use mostly often Pen-F! But, only the pictures of the Railway model is different ;) .

Piotr Stunning! Very realistic picture.

Rafal Laczynski Wow! Great!

Danuta Incredible, if not for the description to the photo I would think it was real! Good job @Satoshi ,.... great effect ... Great applause !!!! :)

Satoshi T Thanks @Danuta , If there is a mountain the power will increase in the picture. Next time, I would like to make Zakopane in winter as well...

Andrzej nice! whoa!
but now you have to came here and see it with your eyes. And take another photo then ;)

Satoshi T Thank you @Andrzej ! Some day I will visit all of my modelled places and see them my own eyes!

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