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Monika_msos Great! Like realy !!

Daniel Zaleski Great, really lifelike!

Satoshi T Thank you @Daniel !

Piotr Good job!

Satoshi T Thank you Piotr !

Etherliana Wow, I am impressed, excellent!

Piotr Łaskawski It looks perfect, but your locomotives don't look like a "dead loco", they're alive;)

Satoshi T Oh surely :) . I need to weather a bit more!! Thank you @Piotr !

T L Waw! Good job! Even grass is perfect!

Satoshi T I am pleased that you looked at grasses. The reproduction of grass is now my theme. Thank you T L!

Kasia Szyszko Great job! Perfect! like alive :D

Satoshi T Someday, I hope to reproduce Bialystok station! Thank you @Kasia !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Recently I am taking long time for making miniature than before. Thank you @reneekorozo !

Danuta Woow Satoshi ! ... If there was no description for this photo I would have thought it was an original, only a doll man :) ... Very realistic mock-up of the station, incredibly beautifully done ... BRAVO !!!

Satoshi T My next task is to turn off the gloss of doll-man and make it not known as Doll. I am studying with reference to @jazzie 's Dolls. Thank you so much @Danuta !

Danuta Perfectionist of you Satoshi :) ... I know you will find a way to do this ! ... I am full of admiration for your work ,great achievements !!!

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Pictures and informations you gave me is a source of motivation for my miniature creation. I am also very grateful to you, @creonphotography !

craig Satoshi that is nothing less than brilliant! Absolutely amazing, I had to study in large!

Satoshi T @craig , I was greatly affected by you on shoots of birds. I want to cherish the experience I met with you here.

Satoshi T Yes, PKP! :D

Rafał Bolko Great! It looks like the tracks outside the window :) AMAZING!!!

Satoshi T Thanks so much @Rafał !

Marcin K. At my first look I thought it is real. Great scenery and shot!

Satoshi T Thank you very much Marcin!

Rafal Laczynski WoW! This is very realistic! Congratulations!

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Rafal , I hope I will make miniature of Most Średnicowy, but It is very complicate!

Nilson Menezes Superb reconstruction of site captured by @creonphotography. Very well made! Even the pendolino is there!

Satoshi T Thank you for paying attention to pendolino on the right, @Nilson !

Satoshi T Thanks , @kasiek !

Roman Czarny Amazing shot

Satoshi T Thank you so much @Roman !

Michał Wow. Nice work! It's look like real!

Satoshi T Thank you very much Michał!

Krzysztof Baczyński Great shot. Again we are waiting in Gdynia ...

Satoshi T I would like to see this as a real scene with my own eyes. Thank you @Krzysztof !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you so much @anja_bielfeld !

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