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makebate Incredible photo!

Roman Czarny Stunning shot

v agnès Stunning!

T L Good job!

Etherliana Its so beautiful!!

Ketty Great shot!

Anne amazing!

mrmm2017 Wspaniałe! Superb!

Hanna G rainbow of stars - stunning!

120mr Like a bridge!

wkaleniecki Stunning photo!

jayce Fantastic shot! Such a sky with a clear milky way is likely impossible to view in the dense industrial old Europe.

Lauren Huston It's reasonably difficult here at the moment with the core so close to the horizon - similar to a sunrise/sunset, the atmosphere makes it a bit murky/weird coloured. I also had to travel 100km+ from where I live for it. :)
Thank you though. :)

Michał Impressive result and the effort you put to capture this photo. Really beautiful!

Magda Parkitna Superb!

Krzysztof Jankowiak Fantastic photo, excellent 😁

Nilson Menezes Superb. Excellent capture!

Anna Kajat super

KimJaye Amazing! Where I live in Texas I'm lucky if I see even a few stars.

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