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v agnès Brilliant!

jazzie Thank you!

Monika_msos Ekstra fotka. Lubie te Twoje ludki.

jazzie Thank you. So do I :)

ponzu Wow. Truly original and well executed. Was it all done in-camera? I have the a6000, so I always cheer for the people who are able to get better photos out of it than I ever have.

jazzie Thank you! The eye was on the screen of my laptop behind the saxophone. I have an incredibly good old lens, it is a Super-Makro-Takumar, 50mm, f4 from the early 1970ties... This is helping a lot :-)

ponzu Aha, very clever. So it' snot exactly digitally manipulated, but also not exactly "real" :) I should try something like that. I have a laptop :) What I lack is imagination.

That's a good lens. My favorite lens right now, and I don't mind sharing it with a fellow Alpha ;) is Fotasy N35 f/1.7 CCTV It produces great bokeh, swirly like the famous Helios 44, and it has a wild spherical focal plane.

jazzie Sounds good! Which pics did you take with it?

ponzu The ones that made it to Tookapic are "Bokeh bonkers", "Sycamore" and "Late gold" but the majority I had to post to Facebook and will probably post to Flickr. I'll share if I do.

jazzie Thanks!

Comment was deleted

jazzie Thanks! Me too...!

Satoshi T I think reflection on the saxophone is beautiful again :)

jazzie I like it too :)

Kateli Great shot !!

jazzie Thank you 😊

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