Łukasz Brożek It looks so good. :D

Satoshi T Thanks @Łukasz !

mathilde24 Magnifique

Roman Czarny Wonderful

Satoshi T Thanks @Roman !

Urszula Stachowicz Oh my, it really does look like carpet! Love it! :)

Satoshi T Oh Thanks @Ula-stachowicz :)

jazzie Lovely!

Satoshi T Thanks @jazzie !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Yes! Thanks @reneekorozo !

Ian Prince Autumn seems to come quite a bit later than here in Western Europe!

Satoshi T Tokyo faces the Pacific Ocean, so winter is a bit late. Thanks @Ian !

Danuta Beautiful view, I like rustling leaves under my feet :)

Satoshi T Its so nice. Thanks @Danuta !

przemekg I knew it would be amazing and it truly is! Thank You :)

Satoshi T If it is a picture of a place you've been to once, I think you can imagine it realistically even in different seasons or different angles of view. Thanks @przemekg 😀

przemekg this photo makes me want to go back to Tokyo :)

Satoshi T If you want, I will shoot view of Tokyo of right now.😀

przemekg I will wait for the first snow in Tokyo :)

Satoshi T OK, If I recognize first snow, I'll shoot for you @przemekg 😀!

przemekg Fantastic, I will be waiting! :)

Michael Gatton Enchanting.

Satoshi T Thank you @Michael !

Kazziz Do You have people responsible for arranging those leaves, or do they do it by themselves, trying to fit into Japanese order?

Satoshi T This park does not have much abundant budget as "Japanese Garden #2", but the Tokyo metropolitan government manages the park and there are some staff. Gates are closed at night, so the clean is kept. Thanks @Kazziz !

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