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Comment was deleted

Magda Ko Happy You like it

myno So Nice!

Magda Ko Thank You :)

Magda Ko For the first time pro equipment in my hands :)

Artur Łobocki I wasn't thought about equipment and model neither ;)

Magda Ko photographer maybe?

Ian Prince Excellent !

Magda Ko Wow so happy to know, thnx :)

Edyta Beautiful :)

Magda Ko Thank You Edyta :)

tania Wow ! excellent one !

Magda Ko <3 thnx Tania

jayce Impressed! Superb photo

Magda Ko :) Thank you

Marcin Wojtasik So beautiful portrait :) My favourite today :)

Magda Ko so happy, thank you

Kazziz WOW! NICE!

Magda Ko not really, happy you like it. I had a great time <3

Kazziz I'm glad You did :) how did You like Przemek, the guy from Olympus and car race + underwater photos?

Magda Ko tell you more later on

Satoshi T Excellent!!

Magda Ko Thank you so much Satoshi

Edward Chang Great!

Magda Ko Thank you so much Edward

Rafal Laczynski Great! :-)

Magda Ko thnx :)

vera Great portrait!

Magda Ko thank you Vera

120mr Great! I was yesterday on the workshops and it was fun!

Magda Ko so cool. How you like Oly?

120mr It's a quite nice camera. It would be fun to have something smaller too. ;)

Piotr Księżopolski superpowiew :)

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