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craig Katrina, you are a star-maker! What a really wonderful picture!

Katrina Yu Thank you again, Craig! It seems to be a recurring theme, the sky, the stars, and the universe!

nol Really beautiful photo!

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, I appreciate the drop-by! :)

makebate Oh girl, you banged weekly theme! This is wonderful, great job!! I am totally in love with this. Beautiful colours, so full

Katrina Yu Thank you my dear!! I'm happy with how this one turned out too!! You know how I feel about being at the top of the stairs, best thigh and leg workout!! Lol I was holding on like crazyyy~

Bruce Wow, this one is just ... awesome. I think in this case the execution was superb! :-).

Katrina Yu Thank you again, Bruce!! I love how this one turned out too!!! I stuck my camera wayyy high up I was afraid it'll fall the whole time!

Bruce Glad you both survived intact 😀

vera Incredible beautiful one! I love! The title is also excellent! Bravo Katrina!😃

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Vera! This worked out very well. :)

Urszula Stachowicz I see you exactly that way - your photos and ideas are brightening everything. :) Brilliant! Star in the description, star from me. ;)

Katrina Yu Thank you, Urs!!! Brightening, that's a beautiful way to put it!! <3

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thank you, Beata! You always have a such eye for details! ;)

NatZ Fantastic! I love your dreamy world. (I’m not sure that it expresses well what I want to say. So in french : j’adore votre monde imaginaire qui semble sortir d’un rêve. Il y a tellement de poésie dans vos photos!)

Katrina Yu Wow merci infiniment!! <3 Ton commentaire me fait chaud au coeur et ça sonne mieux en français!

Roman Czarny Beautiful scene

Katrina Yu Thank you, Roman!

Ian Forbes You have you Christmas card for this year. Great image.

Katrina Yu Thank you, Ian! I have never sent out a single Christmas card in my life 😳 but each year I'd google "funny Christmas cards" just because people are so creative!

Gosia I love this so much! Wonderful angle!!! And the ladder seems so long. Lights, colors. Well I like everything <3

Katrina Yu Thank you dear!! The angle is fascinating, isn't it??? I have my camera taped wayyyy above praying the whole time it won't crash. huhu

Anne So great!

Katrina Yu Thank you, Ann. Appreciate the visit! :)

Katrina Yu Thank you, Gogi!! Always appreciated.

Etherliana oh, it's so beautiful! and clever and beautiful !!<3<3

Katrina Yu Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! <3

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