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Gosia Wow! Cloud architect! And afterward do you slide down on that rainbow? :)

Katrina Yu Ha! I love the cloud architect and the rainbow slide, I never thought of it that way. You made it sound twice as dreamy! <3

Katrina Yu Thank you, Hanna!

makebate Ooh my, it was you creating that tree I saw today! Haha, what a lovely picture. Although I have mixed feeling to see that rainbow, blue sky, when here is so dark and cold :c great picture, very dreamy

Katrina Yu Thank you so much dear!! I don't know how feels to live in a country so deep in winter (but I heard stories!!!). Hope you're always warm and full of love!

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Katrina Yu I can relate to what you feel about not seeing blue skies for weeks. It was monsoon season a few months ago and it was just rain rain rain every day and the moment I caught my first glimpse of bright bright sky and sun after weeks of grey it made me really happy. No wonder they call it a "sunny disposition" or "sunny side" in English. Sending some "sunny side up" your way! :D :D <3

craig Treemendous, Katrina! The clouds were so heavy and black here you would have needed a hammer and chisel!

Katrina Yu Always so punny, Craig! Very smart!! A hammer and chisel sound like a good idea too! I'll save it for later once I have captured thicker heavier clouds (which might not happen because I've been capturing cloud photos as stock for months now and all I have are these flimsy bunch. haha sigh

Ian Forbes Your ideas are just getting better and better. Great shot.

Katrina Yu Thanks for the compliment, Ian!! They do come and go. Hoping not to crash and burn too hard after this creative streak!

Bruce Rainbows and cloud trees - wonderful image - how you come up with and execute these ideas every day is amazing :-).

Katrina Yu Thank you, Bruce!! The coming up with the idea is not a problem at all but my biggest challenge (aside from motivation) is the ability to be able to execute these ideas. You know that gap between how you imagined it and your ability to produce it? That's my daily battle. 😔 But the only way is forward!! :D

Roman Czarny Gregorius photo

Urszula Stachowicz Aww, you did a great job! This tree is beautiful, and you are full of grace. :) And the idea - I love your sky photos. :)

Etherliana Fantastic !!!<3

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