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makebate I feel like that when I am studying for 5 hours ;D looks perfect :)

Katrina Yu Thank you!!! Haha, how I wish I can go back to where my problems are just 20 chapters of reading, thesis, and exams. Goodluck on your studies.

Ron Dadoo toujours d'excellentes idées!

Katrina Yu Merci Patrick!! C'est tellement gentil!!

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu RELATE!!! ✋🏼I disappeared and did a lot of meditations. LOL Soul searching they say. I need to move forward though and need to reach certain exposures, so yeah. I'll definitely see you around when you finally get back! <3

Ian Forbes Just brilliant another great image.

Katrina Yu Thank you always, Ian!

craig What a brilliant image Katrina! I am constantly astounded by your creativity ! I am on Flickr but not Instagram....yet! 😊

Katrina Yu Thank you always for your lovely words, Craig. I try my best!

I love Flickr! It'll always be my first community when I started my 365 but I needed more exposure for my work to be able to move forward towards my goals. So as much as I hated how number-centric Instagram is, everyone is flocking there and it'll only get bigger. But I believe it's how you build your audience into a meaningful one that can make it valuable.

Edward Chang Brilliant idea! It’s so sad that I can’t use Instagram in Chinese mainland:( Good luck there.

Katrina Yu Thank you, Edward. I'll still you see you around here! ;) Don't want to miss your work and supporting you till you finish your 365! ;D

Roman Czarny Your creativity has no limits

Katrina Yu Thank you, Roman. That's such a kind comment!! <3

Satoshi T Awesome creativity! and I hope your good start of Internet life of 2018!

Katrina Yu Thank you, Satoshi-san.

Urszula Stachowicz I have so many favourite photos taken by you, and I'm still getting more. :D Likt this one - I love the whole idea! Thise flying letters, your pose and broom. Awww! <3

Anne Great idea and great photo!

Katrina Yu Thank you, Ann!! I appreciate the drop by! :)

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