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Bruce Awesome image Katrina 👏👏😊

fotoagrafka Awesome :)

Katrina Yu Thank you.

vera Great picture! I immediately thought about the Little Prince! Well done!

Katrina Yu Thank you, Vera. That book is full of beautiful visual allegories, it's one of my favorites!

vera Yes! I love this book... the deep and beautiful thoughts about life!

craig Katrina, this is really beautiful, tinged with sadness!

Katrina Yu Thank you, Craig.

Margie Affecting image.

Katrina Yu Thank you, Margie.

Urszula Stachowicz Ha, I saw so many photos that reminded my Little Prince and I was wondering whether you like it so much. But I guess, if you read it every year - you do. :D You pictured loneliness so great. :)

Katrina Yu Haha. True. I do reread it every year because it's a fast read (30 mins) and it's full of visual imagery. Always perfect for those last minute concept if you're running low. <3

vividcolourfabric @Katrina Hey, you're probably redirected from your Instagram here. I'm posting those books here because Instagram does not allow links to lead to any site.

And that's it when it comes to "normal books". Also, I have some of the Monk novels.

I think I have nothing more to add. 😂

Ron Dadoo oh Yes! before reading your comment, we know that this is the "little prince" beautiful!! j'adore

Katrina Yu Merci beaucoup!! <3

makebate This is perfect. Melanholic, sad, but very yours. But also what is seenable, this loneliness. You have done marvelous work, but I hope the need to do so wasn't as sad as it seems from this photo. You have visualized "Le Petit Prince" as it was about to do, I haven't seen any better. Hugs tightly!

Hanna G. Little Princess ⭐️

Ian Forbes Another great image

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