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Urszula Stachowicz Yep, you are right. I think you posting photos on the Instagram was the best idea. :) I'd say: 'keep your head up and don't let all of this work get you' but I guess in this case it's better you lower your head. :P Great idea and colors! :)

Katrina Yu Thank you! I'm treating my instagram as a business. I have certain reasons/target why I decided to expose my work to a bigger market. Right now, I'm focusing on its growth. Slow and steady - 590 followers in one month (no advertising involve). It's a lot of work but the people I encounter over there are such amazing creatives.

Etherliana As always beautiful<3

Katrina Yu Always appreciate the love.

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thanks, Beata!

I don't worry about them. I find them quite entertaining actually. Some doesn't even know how to spell. Lol I tweeted a bit about them on twitter. Anyways, yes, people do that and I really pity them. It's like all talk with no substance you know. They just haven't learned the importance of 1 true fan vs 1000 fake followers. They don't know that the numbers of followers are not important but the engagement on the content. Sigh, oh well, weeds.

Ron Dadoo hmmmm you will not be surprised to have problems with your Mac

craig A really awesome shot Katrina. I tend to agree with Beata, whilst I am not on Instagram I get requests on Flickr which are obviously just trying to build up numbers of followers. I just ignore them but it is annoying!

Katrina Yu Thank you, Craig. Oh Flickr. I had some fun moments on there too!! The amount of "nude" pics/mail I receive from those nude accounts. Hilarious. But I made friends with a couple of them, they're such fun individuals. I guess, that's expanding friendship horizons?? haha

Bruce Just awesome, Katrina! :-). Flawless execution, and great theme :-).

Katrina Yu Thank you thank you for the wonderful words always, Bruce. Always appreciate them!

makebate Wonderful! You make the water looks very authentic. How long have you been postproducing this photograph? As to the followers, that is always my question, are people really like me, my art, my work, or just they "follow back" or want me to follow them. It is sad somehow

Katrina Yu Thank you!! hehe, this took me around 60 mins. The water took less than 5 🙈 I took quite some time deciding between blueish or purplish hue. So mostly just me playing around.

True true, what you're saying. 1 super fan = 3 to 4 regular fans. 1 regular fan = 5 to 10 fakers. LOL I'm just trying to build connection and find that thousands of super fan. haha Got a lot of work! :D

Gogi Golzman great work katrina =]

Katrina Yu Always appreciate the comment and visit, Gogi. Thanks.

Ian Prince Just love your water art! They just feel so unreal.

Katrina Yu Thanks, Ian. Always amazed and have to keep reminding myself that not everyone thinks the same. I thought this is one of my lesser/streak work tho. So thank you for this!

Ian Prince You seem to be working more in the square format! The balance (and the rigour it requires) seems to suit you work perfectly :)

Katrina Yu Ohh so nice that you've noticed!! I used to do a lot of squares but then I decided to shift a bit of perspective with the wide cinematic crop now I'm back to square. It's amazing how perspective/the way we see things varies when we are composing a frame because of the crop.

Paweł Kadysz Isn't Instagram all about the attention? "It's all me! me! me! Look at me! Great photo, now follow ME!" kind of thing. It's mostly about bragging rather than capturing and preserving memories I think. A completely different approach to Photography.

Katrina Yu With 700 million users? There are all types of people over there, and especially the people that I want to reach are there. But it all really depends on who you follow, in my opinion. I don't care for those attention seekers because they are not my target audience (seriously don't have an ounce of thought for them on my radar). Somehow with this new account, I've come back "smarter" (Instagram growth-wise) I only follow people I interact with/connected/and have major creative crush on etc. Then probably ~10 from tookapic. haha

If I want a beautiful approach on photography, I have that on 500px.

Darlene K Ahh I just joined this site and found you on it. I am debating doing a 365 project that involves regular photos not just photomanipulations, I'm really slow at editing..soo an everyday edit would take forever.. And Katrina you are doing soo good on Instagram, great way to grow. Sometimes instagram makes my head hurt.

Katrina Yu Yeayy!!! Welcome!!!!!!!! So happy to see you here.

Take the 365 project at your own pace. It's more of a self-exploration journey, testing things out on what you like etc. You can post here (good or bad) and the good ones on your Insta account. <3

I really wanna expose my work to advertising agencies that's why I'm on Instagram. You know doing conceptual editorials is kinda a dream right now. Have to keep working on it so having a bigger reach seems the way to go! *fingers crossed*

Darlene K Haha I was thinking that too.. keep the good ones for Instagram. Plus my head is full of ideas I’m finding this current A to Z challenge a bit restrictive so need a space to connect with other pro and aspiring photographers honestly. Too much “filters” on Instagram.

Katrina Yu love how you call them "filters". Can't help it, they make up the crowd. Just need to stay above those. Can't wait to see what else you'll do (here or there!) I'll be shadowing you. Lol :D :D <3

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