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Roman Czarny In your creativity you are unsurpassed
Congratulations beautiful photo

Katrina Yu Thank you for the kind words, Roman. Just another day working towards the goal.

Katrina Yu Just another day of practicing creativity?
Is this understand better? :D

Roman Czarny Now it is clear to me 😊
Keep it up

Bruce I love the fish and the bubbles, and matching clothes :-) Great work Katrina! :-)

Hanna G. ⭐️

Edward Chang Great job! Finally see your smiling face:-)

Katrina Yu Thanks, Edward!!! Yes, I indeed seldom smile on my photos. 😅

Etherliana when I was little, I often dreamed that I am flying or swimming in beautiful crystal water with various sea creatures.
Looking at your photo, I was reminded of it and sentimental :)
Beautiful picture!!
Great colors, with positive vibration<3

Katrina Yu Thank you so much. I'm so happy that it was able to take you to a certain memory. <3

Ron Dadoo fortunately they are not piranhas (but we are not in the adventures of Tintin) :-))

vera 🤣 it's another world indeed!

Katrina Yu Hahaha! Tintin have the most amazing adventures!!!

vera Beautiful airy feeling with fishes! Mix of two worlds... Great!

Katrina Yu Thank you, Vera

craig Katrina, you never fail to amaze me! This is a wonderful shot with a really happy feel to it! Brightened up my morning!

Katrina Yu Thank you for the sweet comment, Craig!

Gosia Gosh, your dresses always look so alive! Really, your capture of movement is excellent.

Katrina Yu Thank you!! Grandma's old dress. Found it in the closet, adding it to my photo wardrobe haha

makebate Mesmerizing! I really oike this concept, of walking in clouds with sth around, and those fish are quite funny! your dress is lovely, suits so much to this

Katrina Yu Thank you!!! I only have that one single fish photo. I used milkfish at first because I have that in my freezer but silver colored fish in photos look really slimy. haha SO need to search for backup on the hard drive and got this angry looking one.

Kateli I was talking about you to a friend today saying how wonderful your photos are. That each one tells a fabulous story !!
I love this one with the fish ! I'm still your greatest fan !! xxooxx

Katrina Yu Aww, thank you, Kate!! Thank you for sharing my work. It means a lot to me. <3

Ian Forbes It would be fantastic to have a sky like in Dr Who's "A Christmas Carol" episode. Great image

Katrina Yu I'm so bad about movies and tv shows. I'm so not familiar with Dr. Who but I heard it a lot. Tried watching it but so many seasons and don't know where to start. haha 😩

Ian Forbes Yes its the longest running Sci-Fi series. I would start with the new series.

Urszula Stachowicz I love fishe's expression. :D And you look so beautiful :) And as always - colors are perfect :)

Katrina Yu Haha yes, angry goldfish!!! Thank you, Ursz.

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thank you for the kindness and the nice words, Beata. I really appreciate it. <3

Margie Joyous. Brings us all up.

Katrina Yu Thank you, Margie.

Miwsher You’re amazing! So creative! This photo is full of peace and happiness. I want to join you in this ride 💙

Katrina Yu Thank you so much!! Always welcome to join!! :D

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