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vera Thanks soooo much!😊

Wemas simply love it !

vera Thanks a lot Wemas! 😊

Etherliana its great !!<3

vera Oh thank you so much Etherliana!😊

Ron Dadoo joli Vera.... verre à.... piano

vera 🤣 oui! Avec une touche très personnelle!🤣

Ron Dadoo oh yeah!

tigg Crumbs - this is, to me, a very clever double exposure indeed. I have never thought of changing the subject like this.

vera Thank you Tigg! I think the double exposure gives a lot of possibilities to combine two different things, I find it very interesting!

Kazzi WON-DER-FUL! Incredible shot, vera!

vera Thank you so much Kazziz! I like to explore this technic, it gives a lot of possibilities to create something original! I'm happy that you like it!😊

craig Superb! You are very good at this!

vera Thanks a lot Craig! I'm exploring and I must say I have a lot of fun! I'm happy if the result is good😊

Katrina Yu Vera!!! This is another fantastic one. I love how you associate two things together. At first it might seem random but there's always a relation between the two and that's what makes the image even stronger.

vera Thank you so much Katrina ! Yes I try to give a sense to these associations! And I hope they are not too far-fetched 😜

v agnès That's a great one ! Congrats for your double exposure series!

vera Thanks a lot v_Agnès ! I'm glad you like this serie!

Magda Korzewska very creative, I like it

vera Thank you Magda! I'm glad you like it!😊

Chen YiZhou amazing!

vera Thank you very much!

Satoshi T So cool!

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