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Etherliana Oh mghrrrr.... Fantastic ❤❤❤

Katrina Yu <3 <3 <3

Viola Qniej mother of the dragon ❤

Katrina Yu Hehe, don't want to take that title away from Daenerys and I'm not even blonde. Can't even pass the audition. haha Thank you!! <3

craig Wow Katrina that is amazing! It is THE best Dragon! you should be very proud of this one!

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Craig!! Really happy how this one turned out. I started this one with a lot of nervousness.

Arkadiusz Błaszkowski OMG :o I love this!

Asia Wooow! That's amazing

Edward Chang Wow wow! Really really cool!

Gosia This is jaw-dropping! I agree you've reached higher level. And that dragon... Wow. Praise praise praise standing ovation!!!!!!!

Kamil Kaczor Really good work Katrina, great!

Bruce Player... advance! Awesome work, Katrina! Phenomenal image :-) *standing ovation* :-)

Hanna G. fantastic, amazing, wonderful ... wow
you are great ... and I love dragons
big star for you

Rafal Laczynski Wow! Great!

Marcin Wojtasik It's so amazing!

Urszula Stachowicz Wait. Wait. WHAT? You did this dragon yourself? I would never come up with whis idea. Katrina, I'm so impressed! Perfect! Your blown dress and those little fires - WAW! <3

Nutt Beautiful dragon! Love it! Bravo!

Ian Prince You should be too :) Impressive!

vividcolourfabric Everything I could've said... It'd be just a repetition of what's been said. Simply amazing.

Satoshi T Bravo! It's very very realistic dragon! You did it Katrina!

Magda Parkitna Love this photo😍

Joanka Wooow, it's fantastic!

Weronika Beautiful

makebate Woooow! Magnificent! And I have seen on ig how did you make it, and it is so creative and wonderful! Big applause!

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