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Magda Parkitna Nice view;-) and superb picture.

jewels Thank you, sometimes the 4am wake up call and 90 minutes waiting in line to be the very first in is really worth it!

Marta Tomaszewska I had to give out my pocket knife to get there for sunrise and it was worth it although sunrise itself was not so spectacular ;-)

mathilde24 Oui bravo et si majestueux

jewels Mille mercis!

NatZ Magnifique prise. Bravo!

jewels Merci beaucoup 😊

Satoshi T very calm!!

craig Fantastic!

Ian Prince What one can do for a perfect Tookapic! Bravo, what a great iconic pic to have in your project 😁

jewels Indeed... Sadly only one photo allowed, I have dozens...

Ian Prince Maybe link to an online album somewhere ?

jewels Thinking of « reviving » my instagram... might be an opportunity ! Thanks for the idea!

Bruce Wowza 👏👏👏😊

tania Perfect indeed.... Quoique... you could just have a someone climbing a tour to add something odd 😂

very very nice symmetry.

jewels 😂😂

Nicolas Camenisch The tag #no-person fits perfectly :) Great shot!

jewels Absolutely! Thanks 😊

Ron Dadoo joli! ( est-ce que c'est un temple? )

jewels Techniquement un mausolée mais avec une mosquée sur l’esp, donc oui!

Ron Dadoo Je pense que c'est difficile de réaliser ça sans touriste....

jewels Il faut se lever très tôt et courir vite!!!

Nutt Having now heard the story of how you got this shot, I'm even more impressed!!! Wow!!!!

Michael Gatton What an amazing trip and photo series. Well done, Jewels, superb.

jewels Thanks Michael :-)