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Iwona- shadoke Good luck!

Political Science Unicorn Thanks so much!

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Audie Welcome brave soul.

Political Science Unicorn Thanks! I'm curious if I can actually make it this time.

Satoshi T I remember very much about @Jule ! At that time, I could not play the piano for a while because of mental reasons, but now I'm going back to life playing the piano little by little. Do you want a 365 day portrait challenge? Welcome to return to Tookapic, Good luck!

Political Science Unicorn I remember you too Satoshi! Good to see you are still here too :) Yeah I've been thinking abou 365 self portraits maybe, let's see.

Paweł Kadysz Welcome back! Glad to see you here again! Good luck!

Political Science Unicorn Thanks so much!

jazzie Hey, glad to see you're back and to read that you feel much better now! But sorry about the band splitup...!

Political Science Unicorn Hi, thank you! It's fine, we all saw it coming for a while now. Being in a band helped a lot with my self esteem and stuff, so I'm glad I had the chance. Maybe that will help me with my pics now.

Artur Łobocki Hello again :)

Magda Ko Hallo Jule, good to see You, good luck!

Maciej Korsan hello again!