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Rafal No to powodzenia!

bizon Like a highway to heaven :) Good luck!

Deadia Dziękuję/ Thank U 😊. Systematyczność to moja słaba strona, więc mam dobra okazję do ćwiczeń 😉.

Dana Lightman Welcome to Tookapic. The site has been a great source of ideas, motivation and inspiration. I have grown a lot as a photographer in my first year.

Deadia So There is stil hope for me 😉📷.

Dana Lightman Absolutely!!!! And it looks to me from your first photo that you are already quite accomplished.

Hanna Gawrychowska wow - welcome and good luck

Marta Welcome and good luck with the project! 🙂

Ian Prince Welcome to Tookapic Magda. That’s an impressive first photo to start with 👍

Deadia Thank U :). Now I need to think what next 😉.

Ian Prince Ah yes ;) I took an an bad first photo so from there on it was easy :)

Ian Prince And as @Paweł quotes here: : Ansel Adams once said: „Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop”. So your'e allowed 353 photos that are not :)

Ingrid Smeets Welcome to Tookapic!!

Aleksandra Super początek :) powodzenia!

Lido Wspaniały start, życzę powodzenia 🍀

Jan Pinkosz Witaj na Tookapic, i powodzenia! 🙂

Deadia Dziękuję i również witam :). Zobaczymy ile czasu tu pobędę ;D

mrs Foch Witaj w serwisie. Trzymam kciuki za wytrwałość :)

Deadia Dziękuję- przyda się 😊.

Paweł Kadysz Welcome and good luck!

alete Witam i życzę wytrwałości 😀

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