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v agnès go, Julie !

Bruce I don't think "awesome" is a good enough adjective for this shot :-)

jewels You are way too kind! And would have had a good laugh watching me taking it 😂

Bruce Haha, I was just thinking that is a pretty low angle to be shooting from, and not one I could recover from :-).

tigg Captivating shot .... love the fact that the skis are off centre ... clever indeed.

jewels Thank you so much !

Michael Gatton I pegged this as one of yours before looking at the name - nice!

jewels Thanks Michael 😊

Hanna Gawrychowska Great photo - I’m glad you are back

jewels Thank you, not sure for how long... we’ll see!

Ian Prince Excellent, great to see you back! "Stay" of course!

jewels Thank you ! Will do my best, not sure I still have it in me tho.

Ian Prince One day at a time 😊

craig Great to see you back for however long. As Ian says one day at a time.

Nutt Please stay!!!! 😄👍🏻😇🙃