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Day 1,645
Water Plant Sunset
Yesterday we had a systems failure at the water plant (air compressor died, leaving certain valves open). While wait for the mainte...
Day 1,095
It's a nice feeling to finish another year here =) No, I'm not yet back to the analogue photography (although it is somewhere on the list), but...
Day 1,041
Morning leaf
Day 169
Day 1,402
Day 507
Des guirlandes entre ciel et terre
Day 1,263
fairytale grasshopper
Day 1,489
Garden Pest
Day 903
a kuku!
#peek-a-boo #spider-woman #rock-climbing
Day 2,097
Day 552
Night sun
Day 67
To z ostatniego spaceru po moim ulubionym parku w Łodzi. Natknęłam się na młodego, rozbawionego labladora (chyba), który towarzysko wsad...
Day 192
Day 918
Divine sunset
Pracowity dzień bez zdjęcia, by na koniec złapać ostatnie promienie słońca 🔥 #theme-parallel #sunset #clouds #church #cross #summer #col...
Day 480
Day 1,268
Like father, like son.
Day 453
Day 103
Day 1,395
The Boats
This was as good a sunset as we got - I bet the people in the west got a nice one, though.
Day 1,712
ty strusiu
Day 1,172
Day 477
Day 2,013
Ronja prepares to go out to the pool :P