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Street photo - improvised or awaited?

I'm a newbie in street photo and I'm struggling with my shyness while taking photos of a completely strange people ... but this is something that I have to overcome and I see that day by day it gets easier... better ...

There is another thing I would like to ask You about. Do you take Your street-photo shots improvised or You see an interesting surrounding and wait for someone passing by, that fits into it... same or contrasting clothes color, contrasting or fitting pose ... yesterday I saw a billboard with a commercial in the street. A woman, in a fabulous dress, on high heels with an expensive bag (Louis Vuitton) and then it came to my mind that it'd be a great if I take a photo of an old woman with heavy shopping bags (from some discount shop) passing by this billboard ... (of course right after the take, I shall offer her help :) ) ...

I've been waiting for almost 40 minutes and felt like an idiot :) should I wait more or this was completely insane ???

What is Your way of taking great street photos?


Maciej Chomik As someone who photograph the street from more than a year an a half I can say: It depends. For me street photography is catching the moment, something that will never happen again. But on the other hand if I see some good surroundings I wait for someone or something happen but not more than a 15 minute. You can always go back to that billboard and wait for someone you wish will pass. :)

Gogi Golzman Its really depends. If you have the perfect moment then go for it of course.. in your situation .. try to think what else could have made a great photo.. maybe not just an old woman with bags. Maybe some poor woman that looks frustrated.. or a woman with her child that her mind is clearly in a different state . Always look for more possibilities. Maybe you could catch even better ideas than what you were stuck on. Good luck :) street photography is totally fun :)

365 WoW Portraits Radek, always have some excuse why you want to photograph the person. It can be your new project or idea but it is far more better to explain them why you doing that and what is your purpose. People when heard explanation would be more encouraged to participate. You can only receive no, that's it. Then you go the the next person. Have a chat with them and you start feel more comfortable talking with strangers. Have your own goal. Best.

anjin Yes... this is What I do when asked :) I tell then I prepare a memorial material for Future generations to show them how we lived ... but still it’s Difficult :) Thanks for Your opinion

Sam Patzer I do both. I think it totally matters what you are up to for that day! A word of cation though if you are standing on a corner with your camera just waiting, someone might get the wrong idea and might ask you why you are there. So if I can't get the shot in 5-10 minutes I just come back to it tomorrow! Good luck with street photography! It is my new favorite :)

anjin Makes sense :)