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Great camera insurance for Swiss Tookapicers

LINGS - versichern mit einem Klick :
Versicherung mal einfach! Keine langfristigen Verträge und Versicherungsschutz ondemand aktivieren. Versichere dein Kameraequipment und gehe sorgenlos in die Ferien.

Last year I was searching for a place to get an affordable insurance for my camera. After some searching I found a Swiss startup called LINGS where you can get camera insurance on a per day basis. That means that you can activate your insurance at any time for any amount of time and you just pay for the amount of time it was active. Last February I managed to break my lens while taking and they replaced it for free without any hassle.

I always thought it would be kind of strange to share this on Tookapic but because they sent me a handwritten christmas card with a 5.- Fr coupon code ( ) I thought that I had to share it with the Swiss Tookapic community.

ps. I don’t know if this kind of post is allowed on Tookapic. If not, let me know.

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