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🎉 NEW: Family Subscriptions

We've just released a big update to our billing system. You can now upgrade your account to Family Subscription. This will allow you to invite 4 additional users to your Family group. They will all get full access to Tookapic.

Family subscription costs $19/mo for 5 accounts (you and 4 od your friends). That's $3.80 per month. Pretty good deal ;)

But that's not all! I encourage you to visit our changelog to see the list of updates we released today.

Questions? Post them in the comments below.


Ryan Harmon Congrats!

Wiecznie Zielony Propozycja: może jakaś nowa odznaka zachęcająca do dodawania lokalizacji zdjęcia?

Dorina Höhn-Daskalova Hello @pawel Kadysz,
That's great because one of my children started also posting here :)
Is there an annual builling for the family subscription ? I would be interested.
Thanks a lot and great day !